Family Fun Night/Day

Elin had her first family fun night at her school last Friday. I knew she would be extremely excited to go, so we went and brought her Nanny and Papa. They had several bounce houses, a DJ, the playground, and later in the evening they projected a Disney movie.

Elin was a little timid at first about the bounce houses since there were several older kids, but she was eager to show us her playground and all the things she could do.


Isn’t this the most interesting merry go round? I think it was so cute that they could pedal as they rode. I think Elin was excited that the older girls were letting her play with them.


After playing on the playground and dancing near the DJ area, she finally decided it was time to bounce and she had the best time. I’m so glad she had a wonderful time and that she is so excited to go to events like this at her school.


The next day she was in for more family fun at an employee family fun day and the baseball stadium.


She had even more bounce house fun. Elin and the other little girls she played with just squealed with joy the whole time.



She played some other carnival like games and enjoyed getting a couple balloon animals.



Isn’t this Ariel balloon animal so cute?!?! I thought that was cutest balloon animal I ever saw! It has amazingingly survived the weekend and Elin is still playing with it.



  1. Looks like she had so much fun! That merry go round is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on a playground! I wish I had something like that when I was little!

  2. That looks so fun! And i am always so impressed with the balloon animal people! 😛

  3. That merry-go-round is so neat! I’ve never seen anything like it before!

    What a fun weekend!

  4. So much fun in one weekend! Elin seems so social. I love that she’ll just jump in and play with the big girls. And that really is the coolest merry go round. They should make gym equipment that fun, then maybe I’d actually want to go 😉