Preschool Favorites

Preschool has barely begun but I already have some favorite items that I just have to share–especially since I know several schools around the country haven’t gone back to school yet.


First off, my favorite item I got Elin for back to school is this adorable Preschool shirt. I think it’s so cute to wear all year long. I ordered this from Carmen at Carmen’s Monograms and she was excellent to work with! I wanted Elin to wear this the first week of school and I needed insanely fast shipping and Carmen was so sweet and accommodated my request. I love a personalized t-shirt commemorating special occasions.


The second item I am loving is these shoes that Elin is wearing in the picture. Elin’s school does not allow sandals, but athletic shoes do not match all outfits and I think these pink shoes are adorable. Has anyone see this velcro version in white? I found the lace up kind, but would love velcro. Please let me know if you have seen them.


The third item I am loving is Elin’s backpack. This was not new to us this year because we bought this a couple of years ago and this is formerly her dance bag. We decided to let it her be her school bag now and I love that it still looks brand new. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a Pottery Barn backpack. Of course the monograming makes it extra fun!


  1. That back pack is adorable! I love everything PBKids comes out with!

  2. So cute! I have always loved baby/toddler converse! Also, need to get Odette a monogramed backpack for when she starts school 🙂

  3. loving those pink chucks!!!!! Would love some whites for Lils too!

  4. That preschool shirt is so adorable! So is the little girl wearing it. Happy 3 year preschool Elin!

  5. the shoes and backpack are so adorable i want them both for myself. haha. love the preschool tshirt as well!

  6. Um, she is the cutest ever! Love her backpack and shoes!

  7. Clearly I’m way behind in the blog world. Life has been crazy, so now I’m binge reading your blog 🙂 Little kids + big backpacks is one of the cutest things ever! That’s the perfect 1st day of school outfit. Love all the personalized items.