First Day of Preschool


Elin had a phenomenal  first day of preschool! It could not have gone any better.

I took the morning off from work so that I could drop her off in her classroom and pick her up. 

Elin woke up with a smile on her face and very eager to to start the day. After a breakfast of her favorite cereal mixture (muti-grain Cheerios mixed with Crispix) and yogurt she got dressed and had to endure a photoshoot indoors and outdoors, with and without her first day of school sign, with and without the backpack….then it was finally time to get in the car and go.





Elin was so excited to get into her classroom that she bounded up to the front door and skipped on into her classroom. She was warmly greeted by her substitute teacher Mrs. Andre. She is filling in for a couple weeks while her teacher, Mrs. Alexander is out recuperating from surgery. Mrs. Andre showed Elin where her cubby is to keep her backpack and Elin immediately starting working on puzzles with some of her classmates. Just as predicted, there were no tears out of Elin.




When I picked up Elin 2.5 hours later, she was still all smiles and her teacher said she had a wonderful time and was very happy the whole time.



In the car I asked Elin if she liked preschool and she responded, “I love preschool!!!”

I asked her all about what she did and she told me that she played with boys and girls, red bears, played on the playground, wrote her name, sang songs, and “hushed kids who were crying”. There were two criers in the class when I left, so I hope Elin was a little more empathetic than she let on.

I am so thrilled that Elin had a great first day of school and I am certain that she will a wonderful year.


  1. So glad she loves preschool! I know I will cry so much when that day comes for us!

  2. Oh she is just too cute! So excited for school! We got a big package in the mail yesterday from our preschool. I was explaining to noah that I would be dropping him off, would go home, and come back and he said he was fine with that… I hope he really will be! Only time will tell I guess ;).

  3. That backpack is darling!! As is the wearer. I’m so glad she just loved her first day!

  4. Elin looked adorable for her first day of preschool! So glad to hear she loved it! 🙂

  5. Aww! Look how big that backpack looks on her! How many days a week does she go to preschool?

  6. Oh my lands, look how adorable she is!! I’m dying! What a big girl with that backpack and her photo on the wall. Love this!

  7. awwww she is so sweet! i love her backpack. good to hear her first day went so well!

  8. It looks like Elin took preschool by storm… so glad she had a great first day…

  9. Oh too sweet. Yay for happy first weeks at school! My heart breaks for the mothers who are walking away from screaming children these mornings, that was me with Maddie for nursery, so its such a huge relief to leave a happy child!!! Big week for these little ones xx

  10. So happy she loved her first day! How funny that she was shushing the criers. At this point I think Ez would be a crier, but who knows, maybe in a year he’ll be as brave as Elin 😉