The Night Before the First Day of Preschool



It’s the night before the first day of 3 year old Preschool. The back pack is laid out by the front door. Your first assignment which was decorating your paper apple for the classroom team is all decorated and safely tucked away in your backpack. Your student identification number is affixed to to the visor of the car ready to pick you up. Your outfit is carefully laid out to ensure a quick morning routine to allow for plenty of time for picture taking. Your very first “My First Day of Preschool” sign is ready and waiting for those momentous photos to be taken. Your first Bible verse is mostly memorized. We have read all your favorite books about going to school and sung all your favorite songs. We said a prayer before bed about your first day and prayed for a fantastic school year. You are officially ready for Preschool.

I am so excited for you that you are about to embark on your first school experience. I think you are going to love everything about it. You certainly have loved meeting your teacher and visiting the classroom twice now. I know that although we have read many books on the subject, you probably don’t grasp what school will really be like until you experience it for the first time. You are already so smart and adaptable that I do not have any worry at all that you won’t jump in head first and immediately start enjoying all the things that Preschool has to offer.

My promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to help you be prepared throughout the school year by helping you memorize your memory verses, help you with any assignments you may have,  and make myself aware of all your field trips, events, and school programs.

Together we will conquer Preschool!

Love always,






  1. So cute! Good luck Elin!

  2. So exciting! We don’t start for another month, so we are still in summer mode! I hope we will be getting more information from the school too! I love the idea of decorating an apple to bring in on the first day! If you are interested, I’m co-hosting a back to school link up :). Check it out at

  3. Oh how exciting! You could feel the back to school vibe at target yesterday. Made me want to buy school supplies. I hope she had a great year!

  4. So exciting! Happy 1st day of school, Elin! Hope she loves it 🙂

  5. So sweet! And so exciting. Good luck Elin, and Mama!