Family Fun Night/Day

Elin had her first family fun night at her school last Friday. I knew she would be extremely excited to go, so we went and brought her Nanny and Papa. They had several bounce houses, a DJ, the playground, and later in the evening they projected a Disney movie.

Elin was a little timid at first about the bounce houses since there were several older kids, but she was eager to show us her playground and all the things she could do.


Isn’t this the most interesting merry go round? I think it was so cute that they could pedal as they rode. I think Elin was excited that the older girls were letting her play with them.


After playing on the playground and dancing near the DJ area, she finally decided it was time to bounce and she had the best time. I’m so glad she had a wonderful time and that she is so excited to go to events like this at her school.


The next day she was in for more family fun at an employee family fun day and the baseball stadium.


She had even more bounce house fun. Elin and the other little girls she played with just squealed with joy the whole time.



She played some other carnival like games and enjoyed getting a couple balloon animals.



Isn’t this Ariel balloon animal so cute?!?! I thought that was cutest balloon animal I ever saw! It has amazingingly survived the weekend and Elin is still playing with it.


Preschool Favorites

Preschool has barely begun but I already have some favorite items that I just have to share–especially since I know several schools around the country haven’t gone back to school yet.


First off, my favorite item I got Elin for back to school is this adorable Preschool shirt. I think it’s so cute to wear all year long. I ordered this from Carmen at Carmen’s Monograms and she was excellent to work with! I wanted Elin to wear this the first week of school and I needed insanely fast shipping and Carmen was so sweet and accommodated my request. I love a personalized t-shirt commemorating special occasions.


The second item I am loving is these shoes that Elin is wearing in the picture. Elin’s school does not allow sandals, but athletic shoes do not match all outfits and I think these pink shoes are adorable. Has anyone see this velcro version in white? I found the lace up kind, but would love velcro. Please let me know if you have seen them.


The third item I am loving is Elin’s backpack. This was not new to us this year because we bought this a couple of years ago and this is formerly her dance bag. We decided to let it her be her school bag now and I love that it still looks brand new. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a Pottery Barn backpack. Of course the monograming makes it extra fun!

First Day of Preschool


Elin had a phenomenal  first day of preschool! It could not have gone any better.

I took the morning off from work so that I could drop her off in her classroom and pick her up. 

Elin woke up with a smile on her face and very eager to to start the day. After a breakfast of her favorite cereal mixture (muti-grain Cheerios mixed with Crispix) and yogurt she got dressed and had to endure a photoshoot indoors and outdoors, with and without her first day of school sign, with and without the backpack….then it was finally time to get in the car and go.





Elin was so excited to get into her classroom that she bounded up to the front door and skipped on into her classroom. She was warmly greeted by her substitute teacher Mrs. Andre. She is filling in for a couple weeks while her teacher, Mrs. Alexander is out recuperating from surgery. Mrs. Andre showed Elin where her cubby is to keep her backpack and Elin immediately starting working on puzzles with some of her classmates. Just as predicted, there were no tears out of Elin.




When I picked up Elin 2.5 hours later, she was still all smiles and her teacher said she had a wonderful time and was very happy the whole time.



In the car I asked Elin if she liked preschool and she responded, “I love preschool!!!”

I asked her all about what she did and she told me that she played with boys and girls, red bears, played on the playground, wrote her name, sang songs, and “hushed kids who were crying”. There were two criers in the class when I left, so I hope Elin was a little more empathetic than she let on.

I am so thrilled that Elin had a great first day of school and I am certain that she will a wonderful year.

The Night Before the First Day of Preschool



It’s the night before the first day of 3 year old Preschool. The back pack is laid out by the front door. Your first assignment which was decorating your paper apple for the classroom team is all decorated and safely tucked away in your backpack. Your student identification number is affixed to to the visor of the car ready to pick you up. Your outfit is carefully laid out to ensure a quick morning routine to allow for plenty of time for picture taking. Your very first “My First Day of Preschool” sign is ready and waiting for those momentous photos to be taken. Your first Bible verse is mostly memorized. We have read all your favorite books about going to school and sung all your favorite songs. We said a prayer before bed about your first day and prayed for a fantastic school year. You are officially ready for Preschool.

I am so excited for you that you are about to embark on your first school experience. I think you are going to love everything about it. You certainly have loved meeting your teacher and visiting the classroom twice now. I know that although we have read many books on the subject, you probably don’t grasp what school will really be like until you experience it for the first time. You are already so smart and adaptable that I do not have any worry at all that you won’t jump in head first and immediately start enjoying all the things that Preschool has to offer.

My promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to help you be prepared throughout the school year by helping you memorize your memory verses, help you with any assignments you may have,  and make myself aware of all your field trips, events, and school programs.

Together we will conquer Preschool!

Love always,





Baby Keepsake Box


I was recently perusing some items I had pinned from Pinterest a long time ago and I spotted a pin for a baby keepsake box. I had always wanted to make one for Elin and this one looked perfect. It was simple, pretty and had a way to personalize it without having to get too creative or crafty. The box is from Things Remembered and right now it’s on sale!


The box is perfect for any keepsake collection. It’s white and made from wood. The inside is lined in a black velvet lining and my favorite part is the shadow box lid. Perfect for displaying some of your treasures. 

I just adorned mine with a baby announcement, a footprint from Elin, a hair bow, and I also used one of the pretty Baby charms included with the box.


I also love how the engraving came out.


In the box I have the outfit that we took Elin home from the hospital in, the outfit and hair flower that she wore on her announcements, some little brag books that were special gifts, and various other mementos.


I think this would make a perfect shower present; however, I think it could be used for so many other reasons than just baby. 


I think that Elin will love looking through her special box someday. I know I have already gotten so much joy from getting it all put together.