Summer Activities

Elin is going to be starting preschool in just 2 short weeks! She is beyond excited and I am thrilled for her because I think she is going to love it and learn a lot. She will be going three days a week and she will still have dance class on one of her days off from school, so pretty soon her schedule will get busier than ever. She has been able to do many fun things with her friends this summer and I’m sure she will pack more in before summer is over. The following photos are of some of her favorite activities with her friends.

Elin is always up for the park and the swings are her absolute favorite. She meets there for play dates a lot during the day and sometimes we go in the evening after I get home from work. The park has not been my favorite place lately with the heat. I’m looking forward to the days where you go and wear long sleeves without the need of coats yet, but when the sun is out it’s still very warm.



 She just went there this weekend with her friend Kelsey.  These two were all smiles.





Swimming is another favorite of Elin’s right now. She usually gets to go during the day while I am work. Her Nanny takes her and she meets up with her friend, Lydia.




Elin and Lydia get to do many fun activities together like going to story time each week, dance class, and sometimes the zoo.



Can you tell she is enjoying her dance class?


Elin also loves anytime she gets to spend with her cousins, Ethan and Max. She sure will miss them when they go back to school soon.






  1. oh my gosh! I love all of her different expressions on her face through the photos! She looks like she is really loving summer!!!

  2. The pictures with her friends are too cute! I can’t believe she will already be in preschool!!

  3. I’ve had this post up on my laptop for days now, and apparently I get distracted every time I’m about to comment. Not sure what my original comment was going to be, but looking back through these pics, I’m slightly jealous of Elin’s sunglasses collection. She’s got style! Looks like you guys are having a great time this summer. I love seeing her interacting with her friends 🙂

  4. hahaha the dance pic is the cutest! No fun at all…