Strawberry Festival 2015

The annual strawberry festival means the beginning of the summer! This year was luckily not as hot as last year. We went in the morning and stayed until early afternoon and then went back after dinner until late for fireworks.

Elin, of course, loved walking to all the different fire trucks and checking them all out.


Love this pic of her giving the thumbs up to the fireman!  She LOVED wearing the earphones. Reminded her of when she wears similar ones on the riding mower with papa.


Look how much she has grown from last year. I think it’s amazing how much older she looks.

Firetruck-2014-2015Ringing the bell was another favorite of the day.


She also got a lesson on wearing a life vest on the water. Sadly she never gets time on a boat so she enjoyed checking out this one on dry land.



This siren they let her press was insanely loud! I can’t believe they let her press it several times.


Then she played on the three different playgrounds forever until we finally dragged her away for lunch and a nap.

IMG_0498 IMG_0492

After her nap time we made it back in time to see lifeline land and got to get a quick look inside before we watched them fly away.

IMG_0482 IMG_0468   

The highlight for Elin was when her good pal Lydia showed up for playground fun and fireworks. These two are two peas in a pod. They looked so cute in their little pink matching bag chairs watching fireworks.



  1. It’s so crazy how much they grow in only one short year 🙁 I was just looking at pictures of Odette from last Father’s Day and told her she needs to stop growing lol! Elin looks like she had a great time! I wish we lived by a Strawberry Festival, it sounds so fun!! XO, Kelly

  2. What?? Firetrucks AND a helicopter?? What a lucky girl. That’s basically Ez’s perfect dream day. Can’t believe how much older she looks in the side by side comparison. Crazy how much difference a year makes!

  3. Such cute pics, Chrissy!! Looks like it was a great time! Elin sure has grown in the past (super fun) year! 🙂 Glad your summer is getting off to a terrific start!

  4. Now that is an awesome day. And I can’t even with the then and now pictures. Huge difference. Wow.

  5. Kim Dorbecker says:

    She has certainly grown up since last year. She would love to see Amee in her uniform and helmet fly in the hospital’s helicopter. They had to fly to Ft. Hood last week to pick up a mom in early labor.
    Where is the strawberry festival? In your neighborhood?

  6. Wow, she really does look older! What a huge difference a year can make. I thought the same thing about Mac recently when I was looking at photos. This looks like such a fun festival. Love all the vehicles! And a helicopter?! That’s fantastic!

  7. Such a fun event! Seriously, isn’t it just wild how much these little ones change in only one year? It is crazy!