Disney Day 6

It was so sad to wake up on the sixth day of our trip and know it was a our very last day in Disney. We tried to pack as much as we could the night before so we could enjoy as much time as we could in the park.

I had to get some shots of the park from our hotel room on the last day.


The Grand Floridan hotel was also a beautiful view from our hotel room. I would love to have enough time to check it out on a future trip.


On our way into the park I noticed this posted above the entrance and I have no idea why I never noticed previously.


It was very crowded in the park and we didn’t have a lot of time to spend, but we managed to ride a few different things; one of which was the Peter Pan ride. It was an insanely long wait and in retrospect it was not even remotely worth the wait, but I felt like we needed to see it before we left. At least there were lots of things to look at while waiting in line. It took you all through the Darling household and had some very cool special effects as you saw TinkerBell flying all around.




By the time we got off the ride, we only had enough time to get Elin a quick lunch and head back to our hotel to catch the Magical Express bus from our hotel to the airport.

Check out the chocolate mouth. She had just devoured a chocolate chip cookie.


We arrived at the airport and Elin immediately spotted a Snow White statute and wanted to get a picture with it. She must have really regretted not getting a picture of her at Cinderella’s Royal Table.


Once on the plane, Elin got strapped in along with pink doggy, Gus, and Jaq and she enjoyed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes until she fell asleep until just before the plane landed.


Elin was excited for her friend Kelsey’s birthday party the very next day! The party was at our local Gymboree and had a Frozen theme. This picture cracks me up because Elin was very focused on the birthday girl blowing out her candles.


Notice the room has completely cleared out but these two were s-l-o-w-l-y enjoying their cake. Catching up with a friend post-trip should not be rushed.




Such happy girls! Friends from birth to three years old.


  1. Six days in Disney would be my dream! That last picture is too cute 🙂

  2. Aww, leaving vacation is always a little sad. Nice timing to have a party to go to right after to keep the vacation high going a lil while longer. Part of the vacation fun is telling your friends all about it 🙂 Those last pictures of them giggling together is so sweet!

  3. Too bad the Peter Pan line was long, that one can get crazy. If we do Fantasyland first we always do that one first. Not so fun to leave all that magic!! Chocolate chip cookies, and birthdays the next day are pretty nice ways to ease back to reality. Besties too. How cute is that last pic.

  4. oh my GOSH so cute! and so jealous! all your Disney pictures have made me miss my childhood haha I want to go to Disney SOOOO badddddddddd! the worst part is those lines, though!! Elin is so cute! looks like she thoroughly enjoyed every second! love that look on her face when her friend is blowing out candles, too dang cute!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. My eyes are all teary just thinking about how hard it is to leave Disney World! I am so glad that you all enjoyed such an incredible vacation! Hope you get back to the magic again soon! 😉 How fun that Elin’s little friend celebrated her birthday the day after your trip! The pics of those two together are priceless! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your trip reports! I truly enjoyed each of them! xoxo