Disney Day 5: Part 2 – Cinderella’s Royal Table

On to the second part of our 5th day. If you missed part 1 you can see it here.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Magic Kingdom and taking pictures and just taking in all the sights and sounds.


Ariel’s Castle.



We had an early dinner reservation for Cinderella’s Royal table. We were excited for this and I packed Elin’s Cinderella costume for her to wear. Castle Couture let us change in her in their nice dressing rooms which was much better than trying to change in her a public restroom!



Cinderella’s Royal Table is yet another one of those hard reservations to snag. It’s the only restaurant in the castle and it is the only option to see inside the castle other than the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. It seemed like every time we walked by there was a cluster of people outside by the hostess stand begging for a reservation. I highly recommend Cinderella’s Royal Table! It was by far my favorite restaurant we ate in Disney World. The food was wonderful. I had read a lot about how the experience can be rushed because they are running on a tight schedule and I would say that the waitstaff seemed very busy and prompt, but we personally never felt rushed. Our server was beyond awesome and truly was magical! That reminds me that I need to figure out a way to to send a positive comment to Disney about him.

They call back families one by one and you get to come in the first level of the castle and get a private experience of meeting Cinderella. I’m not sure if it’s always like this but it was for us.


Elin loved holding Cinderella’s hand and talking to her. I love how this photo shows the details of the dress and how closely the costume you can buy in Disney World resembles the costumes that the cast members wear.




After seeing Cinderella, we were escorted up a long and winding staircase to the upstairs restaurant. They sat us immediately and gave Elin a wishing star and a wand.



The first princess we meet upstairs was Snow White. I was shocked when Elin wouldn’t stand with her for a picture! She loves Snow White and usually is not scared of her, but she was not into it there; therefore I have no pics of her. The funny thing is I think Elin was sad that she didn’t get her picture with her because she asked us to go back and see her later that night and during the rest of the trip, but it was too late.

After Snow White, we saw Aurora. Although Elin looks nervous in this photo, she was excited to see her.


Then Ariel came by and she was a true hit. Elin really loved her! I think all those rides on the Ariel ride reminded Elin of how much she liked her. We saw Ariel in grotto in the beginning of the trip, but it was nice to see her in her princess dress and with legs–not a fin!



Then we meet Jasmine. We have only watched part of her movie and I wasn’t sure if Elin would be thrilled with her, but Elin seemed to really like her and talked about her a lot later that day.


They had moments when you were supposed to wave your wand around and Elin really loved that part. I was scared to death she was going to let go of it and sending sailing and hitting someone, but luckily that didn’t happen. She sure got wild with it though.


Our server was seriously the best! He brought Elin out a cupcake for her birthday and sang to her. She was all about it!






If you are interested in seeing the adult dessert, here was the “Clock Strikes Twelve” dessert. It was almost too pretty eat. The dessert in the upper left corner was the kiddie dessert. They gave Elin that along with her cupcake.


Posing on the royal changer….


After we left Cinderella’s Royal Table, we saw Aurora on way out of the park. Elin was thrilled to see her again!



We went back to the hotel to work on packing for our departure the next day. Not a fun task at all! We thought Elin could take a mini nap, but she choose to watch Cinderella on the tablet and just relax before we made our way back into Magic Kingdom to watch “Wishes” and the electrical parade.  It was sad to think it was the last time to watch before our trip was over!





  1. What a magical time!

  2. oh I love it! I’m glad it was such a great trip and you did so many things. Love all the princess dresses you bought/had!

  3. Every time I see one of these posts it makes me want to go to Disney even more!! One of my favorite Disney memories as a kid was going to a character breakfast. You never know who you’ll see when you go to the actual parks, so it’s fun when they are all in one room 🙂 Oh, and that adult dessert looks so good. Almost too pretty to eat!!

  4. What?? Ariel has her own castle too?? So cool! Not sure Joe and Ez would be into dinner at Cinderella’s castle, but if we ever go to Disneyland we’re doing it anyway! So many princesses in one room, how magical 🙂

  5. Definitely a day fit for a princess (Princess Elin, that is :)) and her sweet family! I loved seeing all of the magical moments captured in these photos! Thanks for sharing! 🙂