Disney Day 5: Part 1 – Mickey and Tiana


How cute is this princess sleeping? This is how Elin looked when we woke up on day 5 of our trip. This day was exciting but sad because it was our last full day in Disney and we wanted to enjoy everything!

Our first stop of the day once we arrived in Magic Kingdom was to go see Mickey Mouse at the Town Square theater. This is the only place in Disney that you can hear Mickey talk during a meet and greet. This is well worth using a fastpass for if you have a Mickey loving person in your party.


Of course all the details to look at while you wait are seriously so amazing and intricate.




Mickey was so awesome and we got to spend a decent amount of time with him. He first asked Elin to do the hotdog dance with him which was so adorable! Elin was shy of course, but it was clear how much she loved him. She embraced him and literally would not let go until we had to practically pry her off of him.





After seeing Mickey, we rode rides including the Ariel ride and of course we made it to see old Belle again.





We also enjoyed the Mickey PhilharMagic show. I wasn’t expecting much from this 3-D movie show but it was so cute and had extra touches like air blowing on you, a light water splash, and smells piped in. Truly unique and fun. It only lasted 15-20 mins or so.


Then we went and saw Princess Tiana for the first time. We went early and were the first in line, so I got a few pictures of Elin with the flowers as we waited.


Tiana was beautiful and very sweet. Her dress was one of the prettiest up close.





Then we made our way over to watch the afternoon parade. They perform this Move it, Shake it parade at least two times a day and it’s fun and loud. Lots of dancing and singing.






We also watched a show in front of the castle and Elin was waving to all the princes and princesses.



I’m on picture overload at this point and will have to split this day into 2 posts. Check back soon for Part 2 of day 5 at Disney World.


  1. I love that Elin and Mickey did the hotdog dance together – so fun! 🙂 The pics are incredibly cute!! We love Mickey’s PhilharMagic too! I can almost smell that apple pie (effect) just thinking about it. 😉 The photo of Elin approaching Princess Tiana was so sweet, and the snapshot of her waving at the princesses and princes is super precious too! Thanks for a good Disney fix this morning, Chrissy! 🙂 xo

  2. I love the pictures with Belle! She looks so happy 😉

  3. I’ve yet to see the talking Mickey. He slightly creeps me out haha. We always go so ride heavy that I forget about the magic of meeting the characters. Aria hasn’t done philharmagic yet but I loved it before I had her. I think she’d enjoy it now. We’ve only done one of the 3d shows and it wasn’t successful but that was a year ago now. We’ll have to give it a go again soon.

  4. Wow, Mickey actually talks?? That definitely never happens at Dland. So cool! I love how well her hair lasted from the bibbidi bobbidi boutique. So cute 🙂

  5. So sweet… I’m not going to lie, my heart melted a little over the photo of Elin hugging Mickey – way too adorable!