Disney Day 2: Hollywood Studios & Downtown

Our second day in Disney was spent going to to Downtown Disney in the morning and then going to Hollywood Studios the rest of the day. This day was my least favorite by far. I was not a huge fan of Hollywood Studios and I didn’t plan well for this day. In retrospect, I wish we would have spent the day exploring Epcot. Maybe next time!

I just love this picture below of Elin checking out the castle. Every morning when she would wake up the first thing I would hear her say is, “I like the castle”.  She loved seeing it from her bed.


When we first go to Downtown Disney, Elin just had to ride the carousel a few times and a little train ride. She loved them both.


Then we did a bit of shopping, including checking out the World of Disney shop. Naturally, Elin loved the Cinderella statue and the huge coach on the sign. We spent awhile in there getting some cute souvenirs.



We had lunch reservation for T-Rex. It was such a fun themed restaurant. Elin loved all the different displays and all the different areas of the restaurant. She particularly liked the meteor shower every 15 minutes or so.



After lunch, we stopped at Goofy’s Candy Company to let Elin pick out a treat. She loves M&M’s, so we went with a Rice Crispy treat covered with chocolate and M&M’s. It was fun to place our custom order and watch them make the treat in front us. Elin painstakingly picked off each tiny M&M and ate them one by one. It was quite the process but we just sat and enjoyed the air conditioning as she did this and she was just excited and happy with her little treat.


On our way out of the Downtown area, we spotted this sign and Elin was happy to get pictures next to it.


Then after a bit of a bus ride, we arrived in Hollywood Studios. The main reason we decided to go there was for her to see the Disney Junior Live on Stage. She watches these shows all the time and I figured it would be so exciting to see them in person. It was pretty cool and it was fun to have bubbles, snow, and even gold doubloons fall from the ceiling during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.






Then we had tickets to catch the Ariel on Stage show. It was pretty cute and Elin enjoyed it. Photography was not allowed in the theater.


Not too long after the Little Mermaid show, Elin started to get grouchy and then she just promptly fell asleep before we even made it to it the big firework display and Fantasmic show. It was bound to happen since we had been up early without any nap. I can’t believe she was asleep for almost all of the show considering it was extremely loud and had so much action going on. Luckily she woke up right at the end to catch the best part of the boat going by with all her characters.



  1. I adore that photo of Elin with a Mickey balloon beside her looking out at the castle! How cute that she began her days saying, “I like the castle”. (Me too, Elin! ;)) She matched Cinderella perfectly for that pose at Downtown Disney – so cute. 🙂 Glad she enjoyed the Disney Junior Live show and Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and woke in time for the characters to wave at her as they passed by at the end of Fantasmic. 😉 Looking forward to hearing about day 3!! 🙂

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! Disney Junior live sounds awesome, and that rice crispy treat looks AMAZING!
    Glad you all are having so much fun!

  3. Loved seeing all these pictures! Hope you have a great weekend! XO Kelly

  4. Elin picking off each M&M one by one is so cute! Love the view from your hotel, how fun to wake up to the castle every morning. That dinosaur restaurant sounds really cool, wish we had something like that here. I’ve been debating taking Ez to the Disney Jr. Live show, but not sure if he’d have the patience to sit through the whole thing. How long was the show?

  5. Disney Junior looks fun! When Luke & I went for our honeymoon, we weren’t able to catch the Little Mermaid, which I was super bummed about!

    We loved Fantasmic! I can’t believe she was able to sleep through it!

  6. Hollywood Studios is my least fave. They are revamping it though so I hope they make it more toddler friendly, and just better. We’ve only taken Aria the one time. The other three are so much more fun that we never feel like going. Maybe just a quick Disney Jr show and the midway mania before leaving haha. I looove the krispie treat – oh man I want one now. Cute how she ate it too. Slow is totally fine when there is AC involved.