Toddler Snacks

Elin is a pretty healthy eater but lately she has been trying more sweets and snack items and I am trying to steer her back toward healthier items. She got lots of Easter candy and that’s great, but I don’t want her to start to favor these sweets over her current favorite snack options.

I think toddlerhood is such an important time to introduce and form healthy eating habits.

Here are just few of Elin’s favorite snack items.  Hopefully they give you some ideas of what to try with your toddler.


Water and Milk Only: Elin drinks exclusively water and milk right now. The day will come when she starts to like juices and soft drinks, but right now is not the time for that. She loves water and milk and they are the healthiest options out there for her right now. I literally shudder to think of the day I hear her whining for juice.



Yogurt: Elin loves yogurt with snacks and with her meals. She has recently starting loving Chobani Tots and Chobani Kids. It’s healthy greek yogurt in fun portable tubes. I love how the tubes make it mess free and easy to travel without using a spoon.

Baby carrots: These are great because they are already cut to the perfect size so all they need is a quick rinse and they are ready to be eaten. This is helpful when she is following me around the kitchen asking for a snack right this instant.


Pretzels: When Elin asks for chips, I usually give her small individual bag of pretzels. I love the holiday packs we find at Target in the seasonal section. Elin loves that it’s in a little individual bag that she can hold.

Slice of Bread: Elin loves bread! She will sometimes just ask for a plain slice of bread. Sometimes I put peanut butter on it and sometimes she just wants it plain. So far she likes any kind if bread I have bought, so we have been able to get her wheat instead of white.


What healthy snack items do you suggest trying with a toddler? I feel like we stick with the same things and would love new suggestions.


  1. That’s great she only drinks water and milk. Noah likes apple juice more than I’d like! Noah loves yogurt too and loves to snack on cheese. I also give him pieces of bell peppers and cucumber and lots of fruit. We also love the apple sauce pouches when we are on the go.

  2. I don’t believe in giving juice to toddlers either. Occasionally I’ll give her apple juice if she’s sick, but that’s about it. Lately, I’ve been buying the little squeeze packs of apple sauce and Odette loves them! She also snacks on a lot of raisins and organic fruit snacks 🙂
    XO Kelly

  3. Hah, I’ve had a “toddler snack” post sitting in my drafts for almost a week. That I’ve yet to post.
    Love that you posted this. I love getting ideas on healthy toddler-approved snacks. I give Avery the Chobani kids yougrt too, totally a hit. And she also loves pretzel sticks- I’ve never seen the little individual bags- definitely going to keep an eye out for that.
    It’s awesome that she’s milk & juice only! I give Avery the SimplyBalanced brand juice from Target, and water it down almost half the amount of juice. She gets maybe a cup of that a day. THANKFULLY she has never turned down water & asked for juice, I’m hoping it stays that way.

  4. Great snack ideas! Mac is obsessed with breakfast bars and pretzels for snacks. We do lots of veggies and fruit too, but toddlers are so picky! Lately I’ve noticed that he’ll eat more of his actual meal, if I just call things snacks. Who knew it was that easy?

  5. Ez is a huge fan of Larabars and fruit. Plus I usually keep goldfish crackers in the car for emergencies. He actually smacks much healthier than I do. I should follow his lead 😉

  6. Nice work!! K eats a ton of fruit as snacks. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and apple slices. Easy and good for them!! I also give her yogurat covered rasins. 🙂

  7. i obviously have no recommendations for toddler snacks, lol. i used to love to eat plain bread though, yum! i really hope i can keep my kids away from soft drink and juice for several years… but that would mean that my husband and i would need to give up our soda addiction (him) and juice habit (me) lol

  8. We are strictly milk and water family too! Callie doesn’t even like chocoalte milk which is werid to me because she loves chocolate treats and love loves loves milk but I guess not together! Which is better anyway. I haven’t tried Callie with Greek yogurt but those tubes are a great idea. We get similar ones made by Stonyfield Farms that Callie loves – yogurt is like a 2nd food group for this crazy kid! Thanks for sharing!