Disney Princess Mania- Target Dollar Section Spring 2015


The dollar section at Target never disappoints and right now it is completely full of Disney princess gear. The items are perfect for traveling (especially to Disney World!) and for just any Disney loving toddler.

I primarily picked my items based on our upcoming trip and I think I found several new and exciting items that will entertain Elin on the plane, in the hotel, and even waiting in line at the parks.


This item is a cheat because technically this is one of those items that falls in the $3 category. There is a hardcover book with stickers, stencils, and gel pens. We already have an autograph book for all those Disney signatures, but this could work for a cheaper alternative or an extra one.


This is another good sized notebook that I am planning to let Elin carry around to distract her from pawing up her autograph book. Also, the little princess crayons were not in the dollar section but were back in the crayon section for a dollar.


This sticker book is so cute with stickers included. Elin will love this for sure and hopefully it keeps her from sticking the stickers all over herself or the hotel room.


I was super excited to see a Disney princess glow stick! This would be great for anytime but especially for our Disney trip!! I have heard that the parks sell glow sticks but that they are pricey. I don’t think the bath drops are probably worth a dollar but I had to to get them to make her baths more “magical” in Disney! Definitely trying them out in a hotel tub and now our own!


This reusable bag with all the characters is also so fun. It’s a great size and I think it will also make an adorable gift bag for only a dollar.

There you have it. I love seeing what others find at the dollar section, so let me know if you spot anything awesome!

Disney World Planning


I have been quieter than normal here on the blog because I have been busy planning Elin’s 3rd birthday, re-organizing many of my closets, and last but not least–planning our first ever Disney World vacation!!!

The countdown is on and we will be going to Disney World very soon! Due to the fact we booked our trip rather recently, we have not had a lot of time to prepare and research as much as I thought we would. However, I have come across some excellent resources that I thought I would share in case anyone else out there is planning their first Disney trip!

1.)  Chatting over Chocolate: As soon as I booked our Disney vacation, I knew I had to immediately visit one of my favorite Disney blog/vloggers. Brenda and her family know their way well around Disney and I just love reading all about her tips and tricks for navigating the parks. Plus she and I have been having fun chatting Disney together. Here are just a few Disney blog planning posts I really enjoyed:

Choosing the Perfect Disney Character Meal for Your Family:


10 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Disney Character Meal:


Dozen Ways to SAVE Before, During, and After Your Disney World Vacation:


2.) WDW Prep School: is another great blog that has tons of Disney world information on it. I based our trip on her crowd calendar information. In fact, I noticed she just recently posted the crowd calendar for 2016.


3.) Packing List: I am working on a packing list and I came across this packing list and thought it looks very helpful for anyone packing with a toddler. I will be using this packing list along with one I customize for myself.


4.) Disney Dining: There is a lot of debate as to whether the Disney Dining Plan. I think everyone just needs to decide for themselves and their family if it makes sense to purchase one. This app is great for looking at all the different dining options and pricing.


5.) Disney Resort Guide: When it comes to Disney World, the endless choices do not end with the lodging options. There are so many different price points and there are pros and cons to each resort. This guide helpful with very in-depth reviews of each resort.


All these websites and blogs have played an integral part of my  planning process. I hope you will find them interesting and helpful if you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World.


Toddler Snacks

Elin is a pretty healthy eater but lately she has been trying more sweets and snack items and I am trying to steer her back toward healthier items. She got lots of Easter candy and that’s great, but I don’t want her to start to favor these sweets over her current favorite snack options.

I think toddlerhood is such an important time to introduce and form healthy eating habits.

Here are just few of Elin’s favorite snack items.  Hopefully they give you some ideas of what to try with your toddler.


Water and Milk Only: Elin drinks exclusively water and milk right now. The day will come when she starts to like juices and soft drinks, but right now is not the time for that. She loves water and milk and they are the healthiest options out there for her right now. I literally shudder to think of the day I hear her whining for juice.



Yogurt: Elin loves yogurt with snacks and with her meals. She has recently starting loving Chobani Tots and Chobani Kids. It’s healthy greek yogurt in fun portable tubes. I love how the tubes make it mess free and easy to travel without using a spoon.

Baby carrots: These are great because they are already cut to the perfect size so all they need is a quick rinse and they are ready to be eaten. This is helpful when she is following me around the kitchen asking for a snack right this instant.


Pretzels: When Elin asks for chips, I usually give her small individual bag of pretzels. I love the holiday packs we find at Target in the seasonal section. Elin loves that it’s in a little individual bag that she can hold.

Slice of Bread: Elin loves bread! She will sometimes just ask for a plain slice of bread. Sometimes I put peanut butter on it and sometimes she just wants it plain. So far she likes any kind if bread I have bought, so we have been able to get her wheat instead of white.


What healthy snack items do you suggest trying with a toddler? I feel like we stick with the same things and would love new suggestions.

Easter and Four Egg Hunts

Elin celebrated her Easter with many celebrations and four Easter egg hunts. The first egg hunt took place on Saturday at my parents’ church. We showed up on on the time but apparently the egg hunt had just started. Despite a late start, Elin found tons of eggs and we had to cut her off from collecting them because her basket was actually overflowing. After the egg hunt, she had a great time going through all her eggs and finding all the candy, toys, and stickers inside.



The next day on Easter she was so excited to get downstairs and see what the bunny had brought her. She was thrilled with her basket of goodies. The standout item was the Cinderella magic clip doll, of course! She was so excited to get them out and immediately start playing.









Angel decided to pose and look cute with the Easter basket.


The bunny of course dropped off some eggs in the yard to hunt which was fun to look for. The morning was so beautiful and springy. Perfect Easter weather.






Then it was off to Nana and Papa’s for Easter lunch and another Easter egg hunt. Elin had a fun time playing with her cousins and getting another basket of goodies.




Then later in the afternoon, she went on another egg hunt at my husband’s sister’s house. Her Oma made her a basket to collect all her eggs in.

She got lots of goodies at all her celebrations and had so much fun.