Bunny and Lamb

Elin was one lucky girl last weekend when she got to have her photo taken with a real bunny and lamb! A friend of ours noticed a local photography studio was doing these photos and we were lucky enough to grab one of the last spots available. I knew Elin was going to be so excited and, as anticipated, she was! She got to see the bunny first which was such a little fluff ball of fur. He was very gentle and sweet. The lamb was so sweet as well but he was more adventurous and was skipping all around the set. He was a little harder to capture. Overall I think the pictures turned out well.







  1. Oh my gosh, all these picture are so precious. I love how excited she looks in each one. I wish they did something like that around here!

  2. Oh my word! How sweet is she?!

  3. so adorable. Ellie would get a kick out of the lamb!

  4. Oh my goodness! Those photos are priceless!!! Such sweet and precious shots, you’ll surely cherish for a lifetime!! 🙂

  5. OMG!!! that bunny and that lamb!!! they really are the perfect easter props! and i love elin’s dress. so so so sweet!!

  6. So cute!! She looks like she had so much fun 🙂
    XO Kelly

  7. Oh my gosh how fun! A LAMB?! I never would’ve thought of that! She’s so cute with the bunny climbing up in her lap too! :)A very fun day and great photos! ps LOVE her dress!

  8. Too cute. Much better than a picture with a man in a freaky bunny suit. That never made sense to me!

  9. Oh my goodness! Too much cuteness!

  10. Oh wow! This is awesome! I love this idea! Mac would be freaking out that he got to hold a bunny and hug a lamb! Totally going to have to do this with the kids next year!

  11. She is so precious! I LOVE that purple dress, and her little ruffly socks.
    Glad you all had a great Easter!