Favorite Etsy Shops

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Etsy. I find the cutest items on there and I love that you can get virtually anything personalized and custom made to your specifications. Plus, I love the idea of supporting someone who has a creative talent.

I always love to see what others find on Etsy so I thought I would share my all time favorite items/shops I have worked with. I honestly have only had good experiences with Etsy, but for the sake of keeping this post short I will just share my top favorites.

1.)  Posh Paints:  Jennifer Sosik

My all time favorite item in Elin’s room is this beautiful personalized painting from Posh Paints. I chose simple pink and white bedding for Elin’s room, and after a long time of searching around for pictures and coming up empty handed, I found this Etsy shop and told the shop owner, Jennifer what I wanted and she made it come to life. Jennifer is so talented and she was awesome at letting me pick everything from the colors of the birds, to the font, even to the exact color of the tree branches. I won’t even tell you how many times she sent sketches of Elin’s name in different fonts for me to choose from. As Elin grows older and her room changes, I will definitely be coming back to this shop to commission a new painting.



2.) Dainty Couture: Janet

I have bought a few items from the Dainty Couture shop and they are always great to work with. I got Elin’s first birthday hat and bib from her and they were so stunningly beautiful. It is a wonderful keepsake from her special day. 



3.) Amy Lou Baby: Amy Bartell

I just received these beautiful shirts a few days ago and Elin hasn’t even gotten to wear them yet. I was blown away with how beautiful these shirts are in person. My pictures do not do these shirts justice at all. They are so beautiful and I am dying for Elin to wear them. Not to mention, I literally gasped when I opened up the box and saw how beautifully they were packaged from the seller, Amy. They were packaged beautifully for gift giving. I cannot wait to order future shirts for Elin or other items as gifts. Amy was wonderful to work with and was very quick with communication.


4.) Jo Studio Party Paperie:

Have you ever shopped for party printables on Etsy? There are a million beautiful options out there, yet I have a hard time finding exactly what I want or narrowing it down to the perfect printable. When I was planning Elin’s tea party theme last year, I had a hard time finding what I wanted until I stumbled upon Jo Studio Party Paperie. Jodie was so awesome to work with and all her party designs are just beautiful. I am hoping to work with her in the very near future as I am planning Elin’s third birthday now.




5.)   The Papier Studio: Jennifer Del Rios

Another party paper good that I have loved were the fans I purchased for Elin’s second birthday party. Jennifer was wonderful in helping me find the perfect shades to match my other printables and she was excellent in corresponding to me and working on a quick turn around time with me. I was so happy to have found her shop.



6.) Fallen Star Couture Inc:  Shannen Caldone

Another item that I have bought a lot in on Etsy is bows! Oh how I love all the adorable bows on Etsy. I have some in every occasion and color. My favorite shop for getting the basic simple bow in many different colors is Fallen Star Couture Inc. I think the color selection was great and the bows have held up so well. I think these would make a beautiful gift for a baby or young child to start her on her bow collection.


7.) Dazzlin Dresses: Erin

Last fall I decided that Elin needed a nice Halloween bucket that would last her throughout all her trick-or-treat years and I love this personalized sturdy bucket I got from Dazzlin Dresses. Erin was just getting ready to make a big move to Japan, but she was great in making sure I loved the font and design of the bucket before she temporarily closed her shop down. This bucket is nice and lightweight but still sturdy.


These are just a few of the many awesome items I have purchased from Etsy. What awesome items have you purchased through Etsy?


  1. So many fun Etsy shops! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ll have to check some of these out!!
    XO Kelly

  2. So many great items in this post! Definitely gonna browse around the party shops for ideas for Ez’s 2nd bday (which is somehow right around the corner!)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be checking some of these out!

  4. I love those fans! I just pinned it in case I ever have a girl or have a girly party!

  5. Those shirts are beautiful!!! Good stuff.

  6. Those paper fans are beautiful!!! And I love the party printables too – you’ve done well on Etsy!!

  7. How gorgeous! I love the bow wreath and cannot wait to see Elin in those t-shirts! xx

  8. I’m a very hesitant etsy shopper but when I have I always like what I get. I loved all the stuff from Elin’s bday party last year! I might have to check out that shop for some stuff for Callie’s party this year. And that customized painting is just beautiful in her room!!