Easter Bunny 2015


Someone was  a lucky girl and got to go visit the Easter bunny at the mall. She has been looking forward to it all week and finally the day was here. She talked the whole way in the car about how she was going to sit on his lap and smile for a picture.

I picked her up after work and we went with her Nana and Papa to the mall and luckily there were no lines. Apparently there is not a lot of love for the bunny like there is for Santa–which I totally get, but it still was shocking to not have to wait.


They took many photos and it was so hard to narrow it down to two favorites. I love that Elin is not scared at all with Santa or the bunny.

She got a lot of extra time with the bunny since there was no line and I was taking forever to choose my photos. I love this photo of her waiting patiently for me to finish. Thank god for iPhone cameras to capture photos quickly and easily.


The bunny handed out the cutest little coloring and activity book.


I cannot believe Elin has been around for three Easters already! Look how much she has changed from all her photos. The bunny hasn’t changed a bit.



  1. Absolutely adorable!

  2. So cute to see the previous years! They grow up way too fast, right? I’m not even sure if we’ll attempt bunny photos this year. Our mall charge $20 for one photo which seems a little pricey to me. XO Kelly

  3. I love her big Easter bunny loving smile!

  4. How CUTE are those pics?! Elin is such a doll! 🙂 Happy 1st day of spring, Chrissy!! xo

  5. I love the comparison shots! So cool it’s the same bunny every time. And so cute how excited Elin was. I don’t think Ez really understands the Easter bunny yet.

  6. Oh, look at how cute and happy she looks! My kids would be freaking out!! 🙂

  7. AWW! So precious! Avery refused to go any where near that bunny last year- I’m hoping we will have better luck this year!

  8. OH MY! She looks so grown up here! I love that she loves the easter bunny! I have no idea how Callie will do. She was ok last year and this year she understands so much more but freaked at Santa. We are going to a brunch on Sunday with the easter bunny and I’m hoping that it will be easier bc the bunny will just be there and she’ll have time to warm up to him!