Spring/Easter Decor

I finally put out our Spring/Easter decor yesterday and I thought I would share since I like decor and getting ideas from all sources. I am slowly starting to purchase items since Elin has been old enough to enjoy them. I was purposely waiting until now so that she could help pick items out with us and be a part of the process.

This year I have some spring blooms out with a bunny frame I purchased last year when we went to get our Easter bunny photos. As soon as we see the bunny this year, I will replace the photo.


I purchased this bunny plate from Hobby Lobby and the little bunny in the cloche is a little bunny I purchased for Elin last year from Von Maur right after she got her picture taken with the Easter bunny. I was so thrilled with her smile during the photo that when we walked by this little bunny on display, she just had to have him. Unfortunately, he is not intended  for children and he was already starting to fall apart, so I just made him a part of our decor this year. She already spotted him and wanted to play with him, but I talked her out of it.


I love the bunny garland we got from Pottery Barn Kids last year and I put it up again in the same spot across the fireplace.


I used an apothecary jar from one of Elin’s birthday parties and just put in some Spanish moss and pastel Easter eggs from Michaels. I love all the creative ideas for using apothecary jars and for changing them out often.


These sweet bunnies are from Von Maur. I thought they were perfect for the sunroom.


My newest addition is this boxwood bunny from Von Maur. He is so simple, but I love him!


Elin’s room decor is her egg snow globe she got when she meet the bunny with her picture in it and her little bunny bank from Pottery Barn kids. I have a feeling we will craft a few items for the walls.




  1. Ooh I love the bunny wreath and garland! I debated getting that garland and ended up getting the felt egg on instead… But the bunny one looks great! I too like to decorate for the holidays and see what everyone else does!

  2. I love your blog 😉 Just found it. Your decor is so cute.. I love Easter decor
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  3. Such cute decor! I just realized this week that we only have half a month until Easter! I’m shocked! I guess we have been all “everything baby!!” over here. haha Time to get some Easter & Spring decor stat!

  4. So cute! I can’t wait to put up some of our decorations next week 🙂 I love the furniture in your sunroom? Where is it from? We really need to update our patio furniture.
    XO Kelly

  5. Love those flowers and the bunny garland! We actually don’t have any Easter decor, we’ll have to do some crafts and fix that 😉 Elin is so tiny in last year’s Easter photo, crazy what a young lady she looks like now!

  6. I love your spring decor!! You did a beautiful job, Chrissy!! I, too, enjoy getting decorating ideas from different sources — thank you for providing some lovely inspiration for me via this post! 😉

  7. Love this! I really need to get some spring decor this year. We could use a little color and light in the house these days! Love that wreath!

  8. I really don’t own any easter/spring decor (shame on me!). I love how you’ve decorated but in simple ways. Incorporating her photos from last year was a great idea too! I see some crafting in our future as some easter decor. Just small simple things. All your decor looks great!