Snowy Weekend Fun


Elin has been dying to get out in the snow and play all winter long, but we hadn’t got much snow; or when we did, it was too cold to play in or it melted before we got much time outside. But, finally this weekend we got a a few inches thrown on us and then the weather warmed up and it was perfect weather for actually playing in the snow.


Elin got to play on and ride her sled that was her Nana’s when she was little. It looked good as new!


Perhaps the most anticipated event was making her her very first snowman. Elin watched Frosty the Snowman too many times to count over the Christmas season and she loves Olaf so she was more than excited to make one of her own for the first time.



This little guy was modeled after Olaf. Although I won’t blame you if you can’t see the resemblance. Elin loved him! She loved when we brought out carrots for the nose (and arms apparently) because she loves to eat carrots so she enjoyed snacking on about 4 of them out in the snow! I was shocked at how many she ate since they were huge.



It was such a pretty day for playing in the snow! Elin throughly enjoyed it. We never got to play in the snow last year and the year before that she was too little to do anything but sit in the snow so it was so exciting to watch her get to really enjoy and experience the snow for the first time.







  1. She is so cute playing in all the snow! I have such fun memories doing that as a child! Enjoy!

  2. Looks like she had a blast! I love her tiny Hunter boots!!
    XO Kelly

  3. That first picture is so classic, I love it 🙂 And that definitely looks like Olaf to me. So cute!

  4. She’s adorable!!! Love that first picture 🙂

  5. That is a great sled, I have been looking for one similar to it but they are all over $95!!!! What a cute snowman – I know Ellie would so enjoy a day like this.

  6. So adorable! Mac is obsessed with the snow. And I love the snowman! She looks so proud!

  7. How sweet! We are in the 70’s here in California, but I really wish I could take Avery to experience snow for the first time!

  8. Oh my goodness, Chrissy!! These snapshots are TOO CUTE!! Elin is such a doll! …Your Olaf was pretty “cool” too 😉

  9. she looks so very happy!!! Sometimes I wish we got at least one snow down here, just for the fun of watching my kiddos play in it but then I remember how much I despise the cold.

  10. Awww….she looks SO happy out in the snow. Kate would LOVE to have a little snow here. It’s been cold but no snow in Houston!

  11. Looks like the PERFECT play in the snow day! light snow and sun too! She looks like she had a blast and that snowman is awesome!