Valentine Mini Gifts


I’m a sucker for buying cute holiday related items for Elin.  The Valentine stuff especially just calls my name with all the pink and heart adorned items.  The past two years I just bought her a gift or two and gave it to her on Valentine’s Day but since I saw so many cute smaller items this year I decided to get her a small gift item for each day of the month of February leading up to Valentine’s day.

Most of the items are books because we are working on growing her Valentine book collection. Then some items were found in Target’s dollar section. What would I do without that section? Why is Target’s dollar merchandise so much better than anything you can find from any regular old dollar store?

So far Elin is enjoying getting her little gift each day.  It’s something fun for the entire Valentine season. I’m a few gifts short but I plan on doing some more shopping.







  1. I love that you have a Valentines Book collection! Amazing!!!! Such a sweet idea for a sweet girl xx

  2. Good choices! I am still working on Hallie’s goodies!

  3. Great collection of gifts! Elin must be having a great month so far. So many cute books, and I love that pink mailbox.

  4. I totally ordered the pinkalicous book after I saw you post and Callie loves it! In fact tonight while she was “settling” for bed she had gotten up and got the book and was “reading” it to herself 🙂 So glad you shared what you’re doing – lots of great ideas!