Preschool Tour


Yesterday morning Elin had a scheduled tour of the preschool she will attend in the fall. The school asks that all children come in for a tour and a chance to meet the teacher during the application process.

Elin has been excited all week for her tour of the classroom.  She is very anxious for school and has been very interested in school ever since she learned that her older cousins go to school.  She will be attending the same preschool that they went and the same one that I went to 28 years ago!  In fact, my same preschool teacher is there but Elin won’t be in her class until she is 4 years old.


Elin made herself right at home as soon as we got there and proceeded to play with everything in the class!  We were there for an hour and she covered a lot of ground while she was there.  Of course her favorite area was was the play kitchen area and she also enjoyed checking out the many books in the classroom.





The teacher gave Elin a tiny stuffed cat from the reward box and Elin was thrilled.  We named him Figaro after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, of course.


Starting in August, Elin will go three days a week in the mornings.  This is a big deal because she has never been watched by anyone other than family and a close family friend and she has never been without out us at someone else’s house other than family.  However, after seeing her today be so comfortable in the classroom and with the teacher, I don’t think she will be too scared or bashful when the big day rolls around.

She was all smiles as we left the school.  I’m so glad she was happy and comfortable there.

IMG_8550 IMG_8548 IMG_8546 IMG_8541


  1. Wow, preschool! What a big step. That’s nice she has her older cousins to look up to. And how cool she’ll have the same teacher as you! She looks so at home in the classroom, looks like she’ll love it 🙂

  2. Yay for preschool! I’m still on the hunt for one for this fall but I’ve got a list of places to call. Maybe I should get to work on that.. 🙂 She looks so comfortable in her classroom. That’s so great you get so much time to visit before she starts. I bet she does awesome once school starts. Callie too has been talking about school since she found out her cousin goes. Monkey see monkey do right? 🙂

  3. How awesome that she was all smiles! Nice that she has older cousins to look up to and since they do it she wants to. I hope she is as thrilled come fall. Mom too. Aria is decently shy and attached, so I’m not sure how she will do when the time comes. I’m not sure how well mom will do either…

  4. Love her little outfit. So cute!

  5. How exciting she’s starting preschool in the fall! It’s good she was really excited about the school 🙂 Hopefully she loves it! XO Kelly

  6. So cute! What a great preschool – look at all those fun toys and activities! Mac just started nursery school and has so much fun there.