The weekend went by all too fast as usual.

On Friday night, Elin and I worked on some special Valentines for some far away friends and then we finished up the final packing on Saturday morning and made a trip to the post office to mail them off.  I took some pictures of her making the Valentines but I’ll save those for a future post. Right now the Valentines are top secret.


Then we went to Gymboree as we usually do.  As Elin napped, I decided on a whim to check if there were still tickets to Disney on Ice and as luck would have it there were–and good seats!  So, even thought there were just a few hours before the event, I went ahead and purchased tickets and surprised Elin with the news when she woke up.


Elin enjoyed the show and stayed engrossed in the show the whole time.  The music was pretty loud but she didn’t seem to mind.


Her favorite parts were the ones that had Mickey& Minnie and the whole gang, Snow White, and Ariel.  She also loved the flying Tinkerbell.


She also couldn’t keep her eyes off the palace.  She kept asking us who was going to come out the door next. She also kept saying she wanted to go in there.


She was so excited to see her friend Kelsey as we were leaving.


She was hugely disappointed that Minnie and Mickey were not outside. She thought they would be there for photos and she kept asking where they were waiting for her. Then she broke into a run when she saw the souvenir stand. I felt awful not buying her anything, but nothing looked awesome to buy so I told her that her extra special souvenir was waiting at home and that should would get it in the morning since it was bedtime by the time we got home. That worked and luckily I keep a bin of future toys when I see good things on Amazon or at a store.

In the morning, she was the proud owner of a set of princess figurines. They are actually bath toys, but I knew she would love playing with them with her princess castle and she played with them all day long! We have never read Snow White or watched the movie, but she had remembered all about her from the ice show and she kept taking about taking a bite of the apple and she was clearly the favorite in the pack of dolls–so we also watched the movie.



All in all, a pretty good weekend.


  1. Go you! I still haven’t made our Valentines!

  2. aww man i love disney on ice! i have only been once (and i was like 23) but i would love to go again!

  3. What an awesome surprise! I loved Disney on Ice when I was a kid, I can imagine how excited Elin must’ve been :). Good thinking to keep a stash of future toys on hand. Those princess dolls are so cute!

  4. So sweet!!! Lily would LOVE the Disney on Ice show!! Can’t wait until it comes to our town! Sounds like the perfect weekend!

  5. DIsney on Ice! that is awesome, esp that she enjoyed it too. And the apple bit, so sweet!

  6. So cute!!!