Two Frozen Parties

Elin had two Frozen themed parties to go to within 4 days of each other.   As you can imagine she was extremely excited for both.

The first party was held at Gymboree.  She was thrilled to see her pal Kelsey there!  Those two enjoyed running around and playing some Frozen themed games and listening the movie soundtrack.



Elin’s favorite activity was hanging like a monkey from the ladder.  She really thought that was exciting.


Then it was time for snacks and crafts.  The snack was ice cream and unfortunately Elin is still not a fan so they gave her some animal crackers and gold fish.  I can’t believe she still doesn’t like ice cream!  I think she doesn’t enjoy the coldness.

The craft was making an adorable Olaf!  She is obsessed with snowmen so she loved making Olaf and loves how he is adorning our refrigerator right now.




Our next Frozen themed party was a few days later at our local library.   This party encouraged dressing up so Elin wore her Elsa outfit.  We arrived to the party early enough to have time to browse the books first.


The  party had many Elsa’s! All the kids sat and listened to trivia about the movie and then they played they played parts of the movie and all the kids sang along.


Elin enjoyed getting to know other princesses.  It’s amazing to me with all those Elsa costumes no two costumes were alike!!


Crafting time was next and we made another Olaf.  Elin loved this activity and gluing on all the snowflakes.


They had the cutest cupcakes for a snack and blue punch.  The punch was a mixture of blue Hawaiian punch, sprint and sherbert.  It was very pretty and I’m sure very good.


There was a photo area set up to get pictures taken.



Some other activities we did was playing with a substance that looked like sand but was similar to snow.  It was very odd  in that it was cold and light and fluffy but the kids seemed to like it.  Coloring Anna and Elsa pages were also a hit.

This was the second Frozen party they put on because it was so popular the first time and they fulfilled the registrant limit within the first hour of the registration being live.

The library did such a good job putting together the event and it was free! I hope they continue to offer such fun events!


  1. aw man, i want to go to a frozen party. i love all the little elsa’s! and that cupcake looks deeelish.

  2. Wow, what a great library! I never hear about our library events fast enough to sign up before space runs out. It’s so cool how even with the same theme the parties were totally different.

  3. Our girls are the cutest!

  4. How fun to have 2 frozen parties!! Looks like she had a blast 🙂
    XO Kelly