Christmas Card Photo Shoot

marcum family 2014 christmas-0032

I realize that I have not shared any of the pictures from Elin’s Christmas card photo shoot. This shoot was one of the best ones yet.  Usually Elin will clam up when the photographer comes over, therefore making it hard to get nice smiles and natural expressions.  However, this session Elin was into and did not act shy around our lovely photographer.

marcum family 2014 christmas-0010

I decided to take photos next to Elin’s Christmas tree in her room. We have special ornaments that also go on the tree, but had to take them off because she was enthralled by them and was taking them off the tree branches to get a better look at them. A lot of them are dated and have special significance, so I thought we should wait a year or two before we try to put those back out.

marcum family 2014 christmas-0078

marcum family 2014 christmas-0038

marcum family 2014 christmas-0012

marcum family 2014 christmas-0040

marcum family 2014 christmas-0014

marcum family 2014 christmas-0026

marcum family 2014 christmas-0036


  1. That last photo is beyond precious!!! She looks so cute in the white with the tree! Love it!

  2. these are the cutest!! I love them all so so much!!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Oh gosh, these photos are absolutely precious!!

  5. I love everything about these photos. The colors, her dress, the tree, her expressions- it’s all perfect! If I had a girl I would definitely copy this 😉