Jolly Days at the Children’s Musem


This past weekend we visited our local children’s museum to check out the jolly days fun and of course Santa! Since it was the weekend the museum was bustling and crowded even though we arrived when it first opened.

We decided to first take Elin to see Santa.  The line was long but it moved along fairly quickly. Before we knew it, she was just a few kids from the start of the line. At this point, Elin had a good view of Santa and she was excited she could hardly stand it. The museum photographer was talking to the next child in line and told them it was their turn, but Elin misunderstood and thought it was her turn. She went underneath the rope and had the biggest grin on her face as she started trotting towards Santa. I quickly grabbed her and had to tell her it wasn’t quite her turn, but she laid flat out on the floor and just wailed! It was the saddest thing! Here she was so excited to see him and now when it was her turn to go up there she had  a tear stained face and was still a little shaken from the incident. It  didn’t take long her her to recover and she quickly made friends with Santa and did not want to leave his side.


She got up from his lap but then quickly ran around to his side and jumped up on the couch with him. She was checking out the fur on his suit.


We finally had to drag her away since there a huge line and we had already taken up more time than most.  I asked her what she asked Santa for and she said, “Presents and Surprises.”  That should cover it!


Then we moved on to  play with a snow castle and some other fun little areas. One of Elin’s favorites was the reindeer area. She had the best time brushing the reindeer’s fur and feeding him reindeer food.



She loved rubbing noses with the reindeer.


Next up was a fun train landscape that also allowed you to operate a flying Santa with some buttons on the outside. She thought that was pretty cool.


There was an adorable area with a huge stove and then all these baking items and play cookies to make Christmas cookies. That area was crowded but she enjoyed checking it out. The biggest challenge was keeping her from popping the pretend cookies in her mouth.


There were some other attractions that had switches to light up different lights, a play area, and then a snowball fight area.


The next big main attraction was the big slide. She went down it twice and seemed to love it. I think she would have gone down it more, but the line was fairly long.


Here is a video of her while she was going down it.

She was also a huge fan of this snow globe! She loves snow globes and this was certainly the biggest one she has ever seen. The kids could operate the snow with a button on the outside.


She had such a great time and I hope to get her back there before the season is over. It was such a fun way to celebrate the season.


  1. Oh my goodness, that looks like such a fun time! I’m glad she did so well meeting the jolly ole fella!

  2. How fun! She did so well with Santa! She’s adorable 🙂

  3. WOW your children’s museum is awesome!! I love that they had a Santa and all the Christmas displays too! She did so great with Santa I love it and her cute outfit too! What a fun day!

  4. So much festive fun! I need to check out what the children’s museums around here are doing for the holidays. And so sweet that Santa and Elin are bffs. I bet it felt nice for Santa to experience a kid crying because she wanted to see him for a change, instead of the other way around.