Elin’s Christmas Wish List 2014

2014 christmas wish list board
Vanity and Stool, Minnie Jump ‘n Style Pony Stable, Doll Crib, Doll High Chair, Minnie Mouse Dress-up Costume, Dress-up Puzzle, Toddler Elsa & Anna Dolls, Miss Lina’s Ballerinas Book

Elin is excited to and ready for Christmas.  I want her to have a fabulous Christmas, but at the same time I don’t want to go overboard on the presents.  She is very fortunate to have so many toys and honestly she doesn’t need anything thing right now.  We have too much as it is.  Alas, she is such a good girl and I want her to have a good Christmas.

Elin is in love with my vanity and loves to sit at it pretending to put on makeup and I thought she would love a small sized one just for her.  I figure she can use this for many years to come and think she is really going to enjoy this.

She loves all things Minnie so the I thought the pony stable would give her countless hours of fun.

She is loving playing with her dolls more and more each day.  I love the look of the white wooden crib and high chair and they are at very affordable pricing, especially since she can still be rough with certain items.

She loves dressing up, so I got her a few different dress up outfits including this adorable Minnie dress-up outfit.

Puzzles are always a hit and this dress-up themed puzzle looked perfect for her right now.

Ana and Elsa toddler dolls need no explanation.  Every toddler girl wants this, right?

Books, books, and more books.  Elin LOVES books and I came across some adorable ballerina books that I think she will love.  The stories look cute and the illustrations were beautiful.

I think she will love all her presents!  I can’t wait to see her face as she opens everything.


  1. we have that crib & highchair set! Well an older well used version a neighbor gave us 🙂 but they are great and LAST! They survived two girls and Callie is now the third. plus they work for bitty baby and the bigger dolls too 🙂 Those doll wooden puzzles look really fun! Oh and we just got the singing elsa for an Xmas present and Callie loves her! 🙂 This is an awesome Xmas list! I’m sure she’ll love whatever you get her!

  2. I considered getting Lils a vanity too. She is obsessed with all things girly and makeup! We will definitely have to check out those balerina books! I know she would love them! Oddly enough, we aren’t into the Frozen gals so much anymore over here. I guess they are old news to her? You’re right though, I think they are on every other toddler’s wish list this year! Elin will love it all!

  3. She’s gonna love everything – I know I would if I were her age! (And actually, if the vanity table was adult-sized, I’d love that now too.) I definitely know the dilemma of having too many toys, but wanting to make sure Christmas is extra special. We keep saying we won’t buy anything else for Ez, and then suddenly I find one more thing he has to have…

  4. Oh my gosh, the vanity!! How CUTE! She will love it. Also, I’ve got to get Mia that Minnie pony stable… she would die! She’s officially obsessed with all things “Missy Mouse” as of last week, HA!

  5. Awesome wishlist! So far, Mac’s asked me for a tiny ghost, a vacuum cleaner and a different sister for Christmas. ugh.

  6. Cute!