Thanksgiving 2014


Elin was so ready for this Thanksgiving.  She had been reading many books, watched Thanksgiving themed shows, and had been working on themed crafts.  It was so awesome for her finally start understand holidays and all the little things that encompass holidays. I don’t know if how much she took in, but I tried to remind her of all the things that she should be thankful for. It’s never too early to learn about gratitude.

This year she got to sit with her cousins.  I won’t say she ate much on her own but she did have a ball coloring her turkey placemat!




Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it’s on to the best time of the year!  We already have our tree up and most of all the decor placed around the house.  I’m looking forward to Santa visits, the children’s museum, christmas crafts and starting to teach Elin more about the reason for the season. So far she is well aware of Santa and that he brings presents. I can’t believe we only have about 3 short weeks to fit all the festivities in!

I have to share this adorable picture of Elin dancing around in her newest tutu. I just love the look on her little face! Now if only she will smile this good when we have Christmas cards taken…. Of course when there is a photographer involved we rarely get any of her natural smiles.



  1. Look how cute she is in her ballerina outfit!!

  2. She’s such a cute ballerina! And I love her thanksgiving outfit too 🙂 Ez wouldn’t touch his thanksgiving dinner either. My little weirdo doesn’t even like mashed potatoes. Crazy, I know…

  3. oh my gosh that ballet tutu photo is just precious!!! It makes me want to sign Callie up for dance now!! I’m waiting until we move bc I’ve found s place near the new house 🙂 Her thanksgiving outfit is adorable too. what is it with these kids eating out he house most days but at a party barely eating? Callie ate like two bites of food and then ran around with her cousin lol!