Christmas is here

We are already completely in Christmas mode.  Right after Halloween my mind completely skips over Thanksgiving and is focused on all things Christmas related.  I always liked to put our Christmas tree up a week before Thanksgiving but now we have inched up even earlier to accommodate Christmas card photos.

We have never had to worry about Elin getting into the tree but this year may be different.  She is obsessed with the Christmas tree and wants to look at it all the time.  She was so excited this past weekend when she woke up from her nap and and found all the boxes of our Christmas decor and the big tree box.



She even asked to take selfies in front of the tree and she was eager to Facetime with her Nana and Papa to show them the Christmas tree.


The first thing she does when she goes downstairs now is run up to the tree and ooh and ahh over all the ornaments.   We have a Christmas tree that we put up in her room but I am actually considering not putting it up this year because I am afraid she will not sleep with something that exciting in her room.  It might have to get bumped to the playroom.


Her other Christmas excitement is her new Little People Christmas North Pole House.  She has the Little People Nativity as well but that is yet to be unpacked.


I found this house in the summer and I am so glad I picked it up! She absolutely loves playing with it.  The Christmas tree lights up and plays music as well as some other things in the house.




There is still a lot of Christmas decor to put up but it’s always exciting to get the tree up first!


  1. I just brought up our Christmas boxes this morning! Can’t wait! Last year, we started the tradition of picking out a Christmas tree from a local tree farm. We will be doing that Thanksgiving weekend. So excited!

    I love that Little People North Pole!! Where oh where did you find that?!

  2. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! This post is making me itch for some Christmas music and decorations. But then I think of digging through storage and decide it can wait a little longer 😉

  3. So fun! I love Christmas and decorating for it. Was going to get my stuff out the weekend before Thanksgiving but now am wanting to this weekend!

  4. Love that your tree is up!! Normally I set my tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving and then put only lights and garland on, and then finish with the ornaments after Thanksgiving dinner!

  5. Oh that is the most adorable playset! Lily has the nativity set which I’m totally excited to pull out again this year, but not for a few more weeks. So exciting t see how thrilled Elin is about Christmas. This year is going to be the best holiday season, I do believe!!!

  6. OH my gosh I have not seen the little people north pole – that’s awesome!! We have the navity scene too but that is also packed away. Maybe I’ll grab one of the north pole for this weekend when we put up xmas decor! I love that you guys are already decorating! I can’t wait! She looks like a great helper!
    ps I would move that tree to the playroom too… better safe and not changing sleep 🙂

  7. Yay! I love that she loves the tree. I have the tree up but my light gave it up, so it is just sitting there all sad like. Aria was bummed when it wouldn’t turn on anymore. Must get more lights!!! Aria has the little people nativity, but I’m waiting for the tree to be done first. I love that santa house. Adding that to Aria’s wish list!

  8. I don’t think my comment posted from yesterday. 🙁 We are starting to get our Christmas decor up, too. We have to wait on our tree, though. We started going to a tree farm last year. We will be going the day or two after Thanksgiving! I can’t wait!

    Love that little cottage!

  9. You are so on the ball! I love getting out our tree and setting it up. It’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas. My husband hates it because I’m totally anal about the lights and ornaments and don’t let anyone else help because they’ll do it wrong! I think I need to let that go this year. I think Mac will be just as obsessed with it as Elin is. Adorable!

  10. Oh my goodness, how CUTE! This makes me sooooo excited to pull out our Christmas decor and see how Mia reacts!! So fun! We were going to wait until the day after Thanksgiving but it is SO late in the month this year again! So we are going to pull out the tree next week and set that up, but wait a few days to pull out the ornaments, just so that the novelty of the tree will wear off and hopefully Mia will leave it alone? ha!

  11. Oh my gosh this is the cutest! You guys sure do start celebrating early, I LOVE it and am entirely envious, given that we aren’t going to be having much of a Christmas at all this year in the Middle East!!!!! xx