A Very Cold Halloween

Elin was pretty pumped for Halloween this year and sadly the weather was so bad that she only got to go to a few houses this year to trick-or-treat. It was raining and cold!  It even snowed and sleeted a little.  We bundled Elin up and added many layers to her costume just let her go to a few houses on our street and to drive over to her Nana and Papa’s.  Despite the bad weather she loved every minute of trick-or -treating and also loved to answer and the door and see other kids come up to the house in their costumes.  We didn’t have near the amount of kids we usually do due to the weather which was sad.



I love this picture of her answering the door to some trick-or-treaters.   We had all her pumpkins outside but hauled in all the small ones for her play with.


We are hopping next year’s weather will be much better!


  1. Aw, too bad about the weather. What an adorable Dalmatian though 🙂 We actually got rain on Halloween too, but thankfully not till after trick or treating.

  2. It was cold and snowy and yucky here too. We didn’t plan to take Callie out anyway and just passed out candy at home. It was a bummer that we didn’t have as many kids come by but Callie loved passing out candy to the kids.

  3. cold or not she makes one ADORABLE little dalmation!! growing up we trick or treated BY CAR. yes my parents would drive house to house because it was so snowy and cold!

  4. Oh boo for bad weather! It was super cold here, but we bundled Mac up and took him around the neighborhood. No one could really tell what he was in 3 layers, a coat and hat, but who cares? He had so much fun. Elin looks adorable in her costume! Hopefully next year will be warmer.

  5. Oh what a bummer!! Our snow held of until Nov 2…. but it snowed allllll day. Yuck!
    Her costume is adorrrrrrrrable!! I need heart eyed emojis on my keyboard!

  6. We woke up to snow on Halloween, but thankfully it was just a dusting. However, it was so, so cold! She’s the cutest!

  7. that sucks about the weather – it was so bad last year they ‘postponed’ it for a week and this year it was like 36 degrees, isn’t that horrible. not as bad as snow, thankfully! i love her costume, she is so adorable!

  8. oh no! Sorry about the less than stellar weather =( She is soooo cute though in her little dalmatian costume.