2.5 Years Old


Elin just turned 2.5 years old last Sunday!  Before we know it she will be 3 years old. Somehow the 2s are flying faster than the 1s!  She is such a happy and smart little girl.  She loves to sing and dance.  When she gets in the car she immediately asks for music and she loves to sing along to the radio.  Her absolute favorite song right now is Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” but she shockingly knows the lyrics to many songs on the radio.


She also loves to watch music videos and she taught herself to do the splits from watching Sia’s Chandelier.


She repeats and says everything!  She has recently learned my first name and thinks it’s hilarious to say that sometimes. She also loves to repeat all the names of her family.  Her favorite phrases are , “I did it!!”, “What are you talking about?”, “Oh my goodness!” and, “Would you look at that?”


She is enamored with all things Christmas and loves all the decorations everywhere.  This is the first year she has a concept of Santa and I’m looking forward to her visiting him.  Her favorite holiday book is “Llama Llama Holiday Drama”.


She loves dressing up and wearing jewelry, playing with her kitchen, crafting and reading books.  She also loves any time outdoors but sadly the weather has not been great for going outside.


I am very proud of her for trying to be a good girl most of the time.  She is pretty good at listening to directions and minding what she is told. Just being near her brings us so much joy!





Christmas is here

We are already completely in Christmas mode.  Right after Halloween my mind completely skips over Thanksgiving and is focused on all things Christmas related.  I always liked to put our Christmas tree up a week before Thanksgiving but now we have inched up even earlier to accommodate Christmas card photos.

We have never had to worry about Elin getting into the tree but this year may be different.  She is obsessed with the Christmas tree and wants to look at it all the time.  She was so excited this past weekend when she woke up from her nap and and found all the boxes of our Christmas decor and the big tree box.



She even asked to take selfies in front of the tree and she was eager to Facetime with her Nana and Papa to show them the Christmas tree.


The first thing she does when she goes downstairs now is run up to the tree and ooh and ahh over all the ornaments.   We have a Christmas tree that we put up in her room but I am actually considering not putting it up this year because I am afraid she will not sleep with something that exciting in her room.  It might have to get bumped to the playroom.


Her other Christmas excitement is her new Little People Christmas North Pole House.  She has the Little People Nativity as well but that is yet to be unpacked.


I found this house in the summer and I am so glad I picked it up! She absolutely loves playing with it.  The Christmas tree lights up and plays music as well as some other things in the house.




There is still a lot of Christmas decor to put up but it’s always exciting to get the tree up first!

A Very Cold Halloween

Elin was pretty pumped for Halloween this year and sadly the weather was so bad that she only got to go to a few houses this year to trick-or-treat. It was raining and cold!  It even snowed and sleeted a little.  We bundled Elin up and added many layers to her costume just let her go to a few houses on our street and to drive over to her Nana and Papa’s.  Despite the bad weather she loved every minute of trick-or -treating and also loved to answer and the door and see other kids come up to the house in their costumes.  We didn’t have near the amount of kids we usually do due to the weather which was sad.



I love this picture of her answering the door to some trick-or-treaters.   We had all her pumpkins outside but hauled in all the small ones for her play with.


We are hopping next year’s weather will be much better!