Zoo Boo 2014



This past weekend we took Elin to her first Zoo Boo.  She loves the zoo, so we thought she would love to get dressed up in a costume and see the zoo all decked out with Halloween decorations.  The weather was very nice but I still decided to put Elin in a different costume that what she plans to wear on Halloween just so she would feel more comfortable.  I put her in a cheerleader outfit and she loved it!

She was so excited when we told her where we were going.


We went to her favorite area first which is the aquatics area.  She always gets lucky and the animals always come up close to her.

IMG_7008  DSCN9967

The zoo has stations that pass out candy along the paths and even though Elin was tentative to walk up to strangers, she loved getting things put in her bag.  She did say “trick or treat” a few times but usually it was after they put the candy in her bag.

IMG_7021  IMG_7024


She loved visiting the big tent that had pumpkin bowling and other games as well as really loud music.  She didn’t get quite get the concept of the pumpkin bowling and instead would run with the pumpkin and just hurl it over the pins to the guy catching the ball.  Thank goodness the pumpkins were light.


She also loved drawing with chalk and dancing to the music.


There was plenty of cute photo stations set up.  Elin loved this one because it was closer to her height than most of these things usually are.


On our way out the door we spotted the best attraction of all.  To say she was starstruck when she saw Elsa was an understatement.  She first just stood there and stared at her.  Elin is not one to walk up to adults she doesn’t know really well and she is very shy when other adults that she doesn’t know well talk to her.  So we had to coax her to go stand by her and she just stood there so awkwardly like she was afraid to move!  Despite how her face looks in the picture she was extremely excited to see her.


We had such a good time and good luck with nice weather.  Elin’s nap was only about 10 minutes in the car on the way home but she still remained in the a good mood later that day.


  1. Oh my gosh, funnest day ever!! I so wish we could do something like this! But our closest zoo is over 3 hours away 🙁

  2. OMG! How fun! Love her little cheerleader costume!

  3. How sweet! We just went to the zoo this past weekend and they weren’t doing any fun halloween stuff yet, i was bummed. Looks like she had a blast 🙂

  4. How fun! Our zoo hosts something like that. We will have to check their schedule this year. Oh, Elsa. I’d be starstruck, too. 😉

  5. Oh my goodness, she is so adorable in her costume! I love this idea! And those stingrays are awesome! Mac is obsessed with stingrays right now. What a cool event!

  6. I love her cheerleader outfit!! Looks perfectly comfy for trick or treat at the zoo! I can’t wait to take Callie to one next year (The times at our zoo are during nap time). Yay for meeting queen elsa! Callie acting the same way meeting Ariel at our event his past weekend. Looks like a really fun event!

  7. So fun!!! I remember going to Zoo Boo for trick or treating a few years when I was a kiddo. I think it is a lovely alternative to neighborhood treating!! How much fun was it meeting Elsa?!? haha Lily would have died.

  8. Cute! We went last year to our zoo and it was fun! Love the extra activities on top of seeing our normal animals.

  9. Zoo boo has to be the coolest idea ever! I wish we had one near us!

  10. Aw, that’s so sweet Elin met her idol, Elsa. Ez is the same with strangers, and truthfully I’m kinda glad. It would worry me if he was running up to any and every stranger he came in contact with. We were thinking of doing the boo at the zoo this weekend too, and you definitely sold me with all these cute pictures 🙂