Fall Crafting and Books

Fall weather is quickly approaching and this past weekend we decided to start some Halloween crafts.  Elin is really starting to sit down and work on little art projects and crafts.  I am not very good at crafting so I opt to go the easy route and buy the little pre-made craft sets from places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Jo-Anne’s.  I was late to shopping for them this year and there was not a lot of Halloween or Fall sets left but we did find this little black cat.  I’ve already stocked up on a some Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts for us to do in a few months.




Elin was excited to be making a “ducky-ration” for the house.  I just love the way she says decoration!


Elin loves books and she especially gets excited about holiday-specific books. She has been enjoying books that are longer and have more substance to them, but these books are still of the simpler variety with flaps and touch a feel options. They are cute and since we have read them so many times, she always points out everything and repeats the words in the book.


Minnie’s Costume Contest, You Are My Little Pumpkin Pie, Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?, and I Love Fall!

We are looking forward to more Halloween and Fall crafts and activities this season!


  1. Good idea stocking up for the next couple months on the little crafts! I haven’t gotten out to Hobby Lobby to look yet so I hope they have some left. Did she do the cat fave all herself? That is so good! And, ducky-ration I love it!!
    Thanks so much for linking up today!! Keep on having lots of fall fun =)

  2. I know what you mean about waiting too late for the crafts and decor! It’s like if you don’t get your Halloween decor/craft sets by July 4th they are gone! ha! We went to HL 2 weeks ago and Halloween & Thanksgiving were wiped out for Christmas decor! Ducky-ration! Soooo cute! ha! Thanks for linking up with us! Can’t wait to see what you share next week!

  3. That little cat is adorable! She looks like she was super concentrated on making it look purfect! 😉
    And those books! My little guy is the same, liking the longer books these days, but the cute festive little ones to help teach the words & whatnot are the best!

  4. We’ll have to check out some of those books! We have Room on the Broom and a Halloween Charlie and Lola, but I want all the Halloween books I can get!

  5. Great idea stocking up on holiday art projects months in advance! I went out to shop for new Halloween / fall frames last week and I couldn’t find anything in the stores anymore. Boo. (Ha. Get it – boo. For Halloween frames. Okay, I’ll stop now.) 🙂

  6. How precious is that cat!! Target had some adorable little Pom Pom monster kits…I almost picked them up 😉

  7. So adorable! She is so cute!!! Looks like a lot of fun!!

  8. I LOVE that cat – looks so fun! And kits are the way we do most crafting too because I’m just not creative enough. Besides thsoe kits are such a steal and the prices they have! I almost grabbed that minnie halloween book but got a Doc McStuffins one instead 🙂 She looks so happy with her crafting that’s what makes it fun! Thanks for linking up with us!

  9. Wow, Elin did a great job on that cat, it looks professional! What a little artist 🙂 I’m all about the ready-made craft kits too. If it takes more time for me to set up the craft that it will take Ez to do the craft, then it’s just not gonna work…Too many other things to tackle during nap time as it is!

  10. Oh she is just TOO cute!! Loving that cute cat craft! Mia would die over it! I need to do it with her!
    We are having so much fun reading the Halloween books! Gosh, the holidays are so much more fun with our littles!!