Apples and Pumpkins


This weekend we went to a festival at our local apple orchard.  Elin loves checking out the pumpkin patch.  They had all kinds of pumpkins in every shape and size and we went home with one large one, 3 white ones, and 2 baby sized ones.  White pumpkins are not as popular but I am glad they had several to choose from because I like them better than the traditional orange.  I am hoping to find a place to display those in the house.

Elin loves giving all the pumpkins a once over to see which ones she wants. She kept mentioning “Biscuit” because she reads the “Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch” book at her Nana’s house.



She even took a break and found one that would be a good seat to sit on.  She is so silly.


She must have been getting quite tired because she also kicked back against a pumpkin in the wagon and rested while she rode around a little.


She also enjoyed checking out the mums, petting the little goats, and playing on the playground equipment.  It was getting crowded and hotter later in the morning so we didn’t stay long. I think Elin enjoyed herself and I have feeling we will be going back to a couple different pumpkin patches this fall.  We will probably have a ridiculous amount of pumpkins before Halloween but I guess that is part of the fun.





  1. We went apple picking this weekend. It was the perfect weather!

  2. Such a fun outtinng! I wish we had apple orchards down here! I love her festive outfit!

  3. How fun! Love that picture of Elin reclining on the pumpkin, which is practically as big as she is 🙂 Are you guys gonna carve that thing? We went to a pumpkin patch/petting zoo this weekend too. At first Ez was pretty timid around the goats, and then he warmed up and was chasing them around and elbowing them out of the way so he could be in the center of the herd.

  4. Oh so much fun! I love her just chilling in the wagon with the giant pumpkin! We are hoping to go pick our pumpkins soon and I can’t wait. Callie had a blast last year so I can only imagine how much more fun she will have this year!

  5. So sweet!!!! great pics!!!

  6. How fun! I really need to find an orchard to take Mia to!! Cutest pictures (as always!)