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We cannot ignore it anymore. It’s time to take action in a little thing called potty training. I was hoping I could be one of those people who claimed that their kids potty trained themselves by following benign neglect. I don’t think I am going to get off that easy. Elin has had her potty chairs out for months now and they don’t even get a passing glance from her. The tactic worked and I just have been ignoring them, too. However, recently I came across the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy and now I am feeling more assured and ready to start the challenge. Here are my 5 top potty training tips.



5 Potty Training Tips
  1. Research & plan: I like to research everything  before I make decisions or embark on new adventures so I enrolled in the Pull-Ups big kid academy to get more information. I have been gearing myself up by checking out articles on potty training. I thought this was good one about potty training and working parents.
  2. Celebrate a new beginning: I purchased Pull-Ups with one of Elin’s favorite characters on them: Doc McStuffins! Elin Loves Doc and the gang, so she was thrilled to check the pull-ups out and was excited to try something new on. I let her know that these were because she is becoming a big girl and that this was so exciting to get new pull-ups! I let her get a good look at the new pull-ups so she was excited as well.
  3. Make it fun: The Big Kids Academy offers way to customize videos with your child’s name and picture and you can Facetime with fun Disney characters to encourage going to the potty. Elin  loved it and she also liked just checking out the games. I have downloaded the app which can remind you when it’s time to sit on the potty.
  4. Incentives: This sounds better than bribery, right? Rewarding is always a sure fire way to get anything done and I am looking forward to rewarding Elin for her strides in potty training. When I signed up for the Big Kid Academy, I came across the cutest potty training progress chart that you can download (it’s free!) with no other than Mickey and Minnie adorning it. Elin loves anything and everything Mickey and Minnie, so I know she will be drawing the colors and graphics on her new chart. I had almost purchased something similar off of Etsy and I am so glad I waited. I’m going to get some fun stickers to mark her progress.DSCN9694DSCN9711
  5. Keep it Stress Free: Elin feeds off my stress level and the more stressed I get about something, she will follow suit. I am going to keep it light and happy and if I think she is getting to overwhelmed, we will take a break and start another day. I want her to keep being excited and not make it unpleasant for either of us. DSCN9729_

These are just some tips that I am following, but I would love to hear your tips! Please comment with some tips that worked for you or some advice that others have given you.

Many thanks to Pull-Ups for sponsoring today’s post and helping me potty train with the Big Kid Academy.


  1. This was all really helpful. I toilet trained two boys at once…that was interesting! They are still needing to be night trained however. I’ve got a 14 month old girl so it will be interesting to see if it is any easier with her!

  2. i will keep these in mind for if and when i have kids- seems simple enough 😉

  3. Saving this! Thanks!

  4. Good luck! And great tips, I’ll be keeping this in mind for Ez when that time comes around. I’m excited to say goodbye to diapers, not so excited for the potty training process though…

  5. Super cute!! We are joining you in this adventure next weekend I think. I’m scared!!!! Bhahaha! 😉