Apples and Pumpkins


This weekend we went to a festival at our local apple orchard.  Elin loves checking out the pumpkin patch.  They had all kinds of pumpkins in every shape and size and we went home with one large one, 3 white ones, and 2 baby sized ones.  White pumpkins are not as popular but I am glad they had several to choose from because I like them better than the traditional orange.  I am hoping to find a place to display those in the house.

Elin loves giving all the pumpkins a once over to see which ones she wants. She kept mentioning “Biscuit” because she reads the “Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch” book at her Nana’s house.



She even took a break and found one that would be a good seat to sit on.  She is so silly.


She must have been getting quite tired because she also kicked back against a pumpkin in the wagon and rested while she rode around a little.


She also enjoyed checking out the mums, petting the little goats, and playing on the playground equipment.  It was getting crowded and hotter later in the morning so we didn’t stay long. I think Elin enjoyed herself and I have feeling we will be going back to a couple different pumpkin patches this fall.  We will probably have a ridiculous amount of pumpkins before Halloween but I guess that is part of the fun.




Pull Ups Big Kid Academy


We cannot ignore it anymore. It’s time to take action in a little thing called potty training. I was hoping I could be one of those people who claimed that their kids potty trained themselves by following benign neglect. I don’t think I am going to get off that easy. Elin has had her potty chairs out for months now and they don’t even get a passing glance from her. The tactic worked and I just have been ignoring them, too. However, recently I came across the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy and now I am feeling more assured and ready to start the challenge. Here are my 5 top potty training tips.



5 Potty Training Tips
  1. Research & plan: I like to research everything  before I make decisions or embark on new adventures so I enrolled in the Pull-Ups big kid academy to get more information. I have been gearing myself up by checking out articles on potty training. I thought this was good one about potty training and working parents.
  2. Celebrate a new beginning: I purchased Pull-Ups with one of Elin’s favorite characters on them: Doc McStuffins! Elin Loves Doc and the gang, so she was thrilled to check the pull-ups out and was excited to try something new on. I let her know that these were because she is becoming a big girl and that this was so exciting to get new pull-ups! I let her get a good look at the new pull-ups so she was excited as well.
  3. Make it fun: The Big Kids Academy offers way to customize videos with your child’s name and picture and you can Facetime with fun Disney characters to encourage going to the potty. Elin  loved it and she also liked just checking out the games. I have downloaded the app which can remind you when it’s time to sit on the potty.
  4. Incentives: This sounds better than bribery, right? Rewarding is always a sure fire way to get anything done and I am looking forward to rewarding Elin for her strides in potty training. When I signed up for the Big Kid Academy, I came across the cutest potty training progress chart that you can download (it’s free!) with no other than Mickey and Minnie adorning it. Elin loves anything and everything Mickey and Minnie, so I know she will be drawing the colors and graphics on her new chart. I had almost purchased something similar off of Etsy and I am so glad I waited. I’m going to get some fun stickers to mark her progress.DSCN9694DSCN9711
  5. Keep it Stress Free: Elin feeds off my stress level and the more stressed I get about something, she will follow suit. I am going to keep it light and happy and if I think she is getting to overwhelmed, we will take a break and start another day. I want her to keep being excited and not make it unpleasant for either of us. DSCN9729_

These are just some tips that I am following, but I would love to hear your tips! Please comment with some tips that worked for you or some advice that others have given you.

Many thanks to Pull-Ups for sponsoring today’s post and helping me potty train with the Big Kid Academy.

Elin’s 28 month update


The Stats:

Weight: 28 lbs
Height: 35.25 inches
Clothes: 2T or 3T
Diapers: Size 5
Shoes: 7

Elin has a lot of favorites, so I will just post of her top five favorites in each of the categories.


Words and Phrases:

What is that?
Look at me!
Baby Care Bear? [Pick me up] (No one understands how this has come about.  She has no idea what Care Bears are.)
Clean Elmo [When she wants a new diaper–because Elmo is on her diapers]
What’s wrong baby?  (Says to herself when she is upset.)


Favorite Songs:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Are You Sleeping?
Flower Song
Rock a Bye Baby


Favorite Books:

A Potty for Me: Karen Katz
Polly’s Pink Pajamas: Vivian French
Amelia Bedeliah’s First Day of School: Herman Parish
Commotion in the Ocean: Giles Andrea & David Wojtowycz
Anna’s Act of Love/Elsa’s Icy Magic: RH Disney


Elin is full of energy and full of life. She loves to dance and spin, all while singing and laughing. She also enjoys reading her books, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins, playing with her kitchen, playing with her little friends, and petting her doggies. Mostly only Fifi because Angel is pretty scared of her.



She still attends ballet class, Gymboree, and story time. She is always trying to do somersaults, so a gymnastics class might be in the near future.


Elin has enjoyed toeing the line and testing the boundaries on what is right and wrong. We have been lucky to escape major tantrums but we have some mini ones of throwing toys, screaming, and running from me. She usually screams and runs and sits on the stairs when she is upset. When she is over it, she comes running back and acts like everything is normal.

I am constantly amazed at all the things she knows and picks up from others. You tell her something once and she remembers it for a lifetime. She is our silly girl and we love her to bits!


Rosemary Beach 2014


We just got back from a lovely vacation in Rosemary Beach, Florida with Elin’s Nanny and Papa. It was our second time there and we rented out the same house as last year which made things easy and familiar. We drove again this year which is quite a long drive but it went really well again this year and Elin was so awesome in the car going and coming home. I don’t think she cried even once! She was either all smiles and gabbing to everyone, watching her shows on the Ipad and portable DVD player, or sleeping.


Despite the forecast prediction of rain we got lucky and the rain was mostly overnight.  The weather was hot and sunny–perfect beach weather!

We got in town early on Monday morning and after settling into the house, we decided to go to the grocery store to get staples for breakfast and lunch and then we shopped in town.  Elin kept asking to go to the beach so despite the drizzle rain we went to the beach to let her check it out.  We went home for Elin’s nap and then went back to the beach in the afternoon because the weather had turned sunny again.  We were happy to get in some beach time on our first day.  We then pretty much went the beach every morning early and stayed until mid afternoon before going back the house and getting cleaned up before going out for dinner and shopping in the evening.



Elin loved the beach again this year!  She was a little more leery of the water because I think since she is older, she realized the magnitude of how big the ocean is and that was a little overwhelming but she loved it once she got used to it.


She thoroughly enjoyed the sand this year with all her little beach toys.  We all had to draw Mickey in the sand a million times!  She also loved us to write her name.




A fun activity that we did was go on another sunset cruise while we were there.  I highly recommend going on one if you are in there area.  Elin was really cranky the whole time we were on the boat but she was thrilled to see the dolphins and perked up each time she saw them.






Another fun activity is shopping in the picturesque town.




Elin is fond of the two toy stores in the town square, Gigi’s and Fitz and Emme.  She could spend forever in those stores checking everything out.





Rosemary is known too for the celebrity sightings and a few own homes there. I had seen HGTV’s Designer of Design Star, Vern Yip’s house online in this article and so I was super excited to scope out the house and get a look of it it in person.  It looked stunning!



There is a second story outdoor pool over the garage and there are apparently great ocean views from the pool.


To say we were sad to see our vacation come to a close is an understatement.  We had a great time and can’t wait to get back there again soon.


Elin’s First Vacation – Rosemary Beach 2013


I am excited to be getting ready for our vacation in Rosemary Beach and I thought I would document some photos from our vacation last year.  It was Elin’s first vacation and her first time ever at the beach and she loved it!  I cannot wait for her to experience the water and sand again this year.  I think she will love it even more.



Last year, I wanted to find a vacation spot in the country that had beautiful white sand, blue waters and most importantly be more private and exclusive.  I knew that I wanted to rent a house on the beach and not stay in a hotel and I wanted something different and unique.  I originally was thinking of Martha’s Vineyeard or Cape Cod but then I found out about Rosemary Beach.


Rosemary Beach is in Florida, but when you are there you do not feel like you are in Florida.  The town is so cute and quaint–it is more reminiscent of a small European village and the beach is just beautiful.




For Elin’s first vacation, we went with my parents and rented a beautiful house that was so close to the beach and was beautifully decorated and elegant.  From looking at all the homes for beach rental, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the houses. Renting a house as opposed to a hotel was so nice and offered lots of space for a toddling baby and 3 small dogs.





We spent our time at the beach and walking around the town and the neighboring towns in the evening.







We took a dolphin cruise and plan to go again this year.  Elin loves to point out dolphins in books and on her puzzles, so I know she will be so excited to see them in person again.




I am sure she will also love getting a chance to drive the boat again this year.


Even the doggies got to enjoy the beach.

DSCN4291_crop       DSCN4122  DSCN4097