Zoo Family Day

This weekend my husband’s employer had a family day at the zoo.  Truthfully, I am such a bleeding heart for animals that zoos make me really upset.  I used to  buy into thinking that animals liked it there and that they were safe from the dangerous lands they come from.  I now feel horrible for the tight conditions and over crowding in their cages and aquariums.  Buying and selling of animals that no one owns just doesn’t sit right with me.  But, for the sake of not being the weird mom that doesn’t let her kid go to the zoo, we go and I enjoy seeing the animals. Who knows?  Maybe they love it there?  It’s one of those things I try not to think about.

Anyway, we were excited to see the new orangutan exhibit. We first took the little ride around the orangutan exhibit.  We had a longer than expected wait but Elin was very patient and she loved her first ride!  It was nice to see amazing views of the park and city.



Then we got off the ride and got to see one of the orangutans out.  He came right up the glass and was staring at the crowd of people.  Unfortunately all my pictured showed too much glare from the glass but I did get this decent one of him after he walked away.


Then we went to the dolphin show which is was fun but we left right before the end because someone was getting awfully antsy trying to sit still.  Then we went to see the penguins and other aquarium animals.  They had lights out for the penguins and most of them were asleep, much to Elin’s dismay.  Those are her favorite!  But this seal was so cute and loved to get up close to up and followed my hand on the glass.




We didn’t get to catch the butterfly exhibit this time before  it closed, but all in all it was a successful visit to the zoo.


  1. Girlfriend, I’m with ya on the zoo & aquarium! I honestly just don’t get the entire concept. I too, try to push pass being the weird mom and just go with the flow. It seems like Elin enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. Totally with you on the Zoo thing. I’ve seen one too many documentaries and I’ve read way too many articles. But yeah, don’t want to be that weird mom. I love it for the learning experience for Avery, to learn about the animals and see them close up. Just wish there was another way!
    But Elin seems like she had fun, so that’s the good part 🙂

  3. looks like a fun zoo day! polar bears are my favorite glad u got to see them!