First Day of Dance Class

Elin had her first day of dance class and it was a success!  Ever since she had her initial tour and visit to buy ballet shoes and leotards, she has  had dance and ballet on the mind! When she woke up and I told her it was the day of her first class, she could’t have been more excited.  She kept talking about her shoes and dress over and over.  She was also very excited that her friend Lydia was going to be there.  These girls get together 2-3 times a week and have grown quite close.


We arrived early to take pictures and the girls had fun checking out all the pretty tutus and shoes for sale.


The anticipation was too much and they were all smiles bouncy around and awaiting their first class.


Finally it was time for class and they got to go in and meet their teacher, Miss Katie again and the other little girl in class.  We think that there will be more joining the class in the coming weeks. But, for now it is a great opportunity for a more individualized experience.



There was even a balance beam which is one of Elin’s favorite items in her Gymboree class right now.  This one was taller and a little more intimidating so she preferred to just scoot along on it.



Learning to curtsy.


Before we knew it, class was over and it was time to get a stamp and sucker for a job well done.  Pictures with the teacher and class were mandatory.



This picture cracks me up because as I was trying to get a group shot it was hard to get everyone to look at once and so the teacher said, “Elin, where is your mommy?” to get her to look at me and instead of just looking she pointed and started to run towards me saying, “There is my mommy!”


I think it’s safe to say Elin loved dance class and will be looking forward to going and learning more each week.


I got her a ballerina balloon and a tutu for her stuffed dog to commemorate the occasion.




  1. how adorable is Elin!!! It’s so great to hear that she loved her ballet class!! xoxo

  2. Aww! How cute is she. I would personally love that the class is on the smaller side. 🙂

  3. Oh I love love love this! I can’t wait to put Ais in dance classes. Elin is absolutely adorable in her tutu!

  4. How adorable!!! Where did you find her dance wear? I’m having difficult time finding Lily’s size!

  5. she is crazy cute! Love dance class, we hopefully start this fall!!

  6. LOVE the picture of her pointing and smiling at you! Looks like so much fun, I’m looking forward to when Avery is old enough for something like this 🙂

  7. What a special day! Adorable girls, cute outfits, what could be better!

  8. Your daughter is adorable! Beautiful pictures!

  9. She looks so grown up in that dance outfit! I love her pig tails too! Just fits her and the occasion! Looks like a really fun class and just right for their age too! Great touches mom on the balloon and tutu for the bear. 🙂

  10. She’s turning into a little lady, I love it!