Tiny twinkle toes


Today is Elin’s first day of dance class and she is so excited!  Elin loves having activities and things to do so I saw that dance classes start for 2 year olds and signed her up.   She went and toured the dance school during the day with her Nana and the report back was she loved it and was excited.  She is also looking forward to starting lessons with one of her friends that she meets with every week.  I took her over the weekend to get shoes, leotards and tights and she was thrilled to pieces to try everything on.  She has been talking about her ballet shoes ever since. I can’t wait to see her in action today!  I have a feeling that she is really going to love dancing and that this will be another great activity for her. 



  1. How exciting!!!!!! Lily starts dance in September! So excited to see the girls in their ballet slippers, leotards, & tights! This is definitely one of those activities you think about when you hear your baby is a girl! Try not to cry mama! Ha I know I will.

  2. How fun!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  3. So fun!!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes for her! I’m sure it will be absolutely adorable to watch her dance! 🙂

  4. how fun!! We can’t wait to start dance class around here!

  5. yay! lex LOVES ballet!! i hope elin does too!! it so so fun to see them all dressed up in their tutus. SO SWEET!

  6. I can’t wait to see pictures of her in those outfits! Baby ballerinas are my weakness!! I am dying to get Josephine in a dance class; we have to wait till she is two:(

  7. How exciting!!! I’ve been dreaming about the day that Olivia is old enough to start ballet!! But unfortunately here you have to be 4 🙁 !! I hope she loved it!!

  8. oh my gosh how cute!! i hope my future daughter likes ballet, and is better at it than i was 😉

  9. Oh too adorable, I can’t wait to see some photos! Why aren’t you on IG lady?? I want to see the cuteness right away! I LOVE ballet for little girls, need to find a class for Maddie too xx