Unintentional Blogging Break

I realize I have not been good on updating this blog.  We have been busy trying to enjoy the summer and before I knew it I had unintentionally took a blogging break.

This has been such a bizarre summer weather wise.  One day it will be so hot that Elin wants to stay in her suit all day and the next day it’s cold and she is all bundled up in a jacket like it is fall.  She could care less what the weather is as long as she is getting time outside to play and explore.



Some of Elin’s new favorites is pointing out the moon in the evening.  I have to say I am pretty proud of  my non-fancy  camera and how well it captured this picture of the moon!



Elin is getting more interested in photo taking and wants to see photos in the camera after you take them,  She also says, “smile” when I take her picture however she rarely will smile on cue.  Unless it’s an over exaggerated eye scrunching smile.


I am beginning to start the process of making her photo books. Any recommendations on which company to use?  The idea seems daunting but I need to start now before I get even more behind!  I’m hoping to get more organized before fall officially starts.




  1. Blogging is always the first to go when it comes to prioritizing my time. I enjoy it so much, but family first! Girrrrlfriend, I have been wanting to do Lily photobooks for a long while. I have a pregnancy book. I used Shutterfly. It was a lot of fun to make, the results were decent, and it was user friendly. I haven’t tried any of the other options though. Oh and there are almost always discount codes for Shutterfly. You’ll have to let me know what you choose. That’s one reason I started blogging, I’ve read several times you can print your blog into photobooks… Keep us posted on your books!


  2. Ooops! I commented on the wrong one. 🙂 That moon picture is gorgeous!! And little Elin! Precious. Love her black & white swimsuit. Black & white were our wedding colors. lol!

  3. LOVE that moon picture. What kind of camera do you have? That looks professional.
    And I recommend Shutterfly. I’ve made six books using them, and I love all their options, I think it’s very easy to use, and the most time consuming thing is choosing/uploading photos. You can even let Shutterfly arrange them for you by date if you want, but I’ve never done that option – I prefer to do it myself.

  4. Definitely love Shutterfly best! I’ve tried a couple and was most pleased with them. They also have wonderful promos if you keep your eyes open for them! Love all the pics of Elin! That swimsuit is too cute! 🙂

  5. I love My Publisher! I just finished Harper’s second year photo book and am working on a blog post about it!

  6. I’ve been on a bit of break lately to. It’s just so much more going on in the summer! You took an awesome shot of the moon and I love that she’s getting into the camera. I’ve been thinking of giving Callie one of our old point and shoots to play with and see what she does. 🙂