Elin’s First Horse Ride

Elin loves the kids meals at Chik Fil a, especially right now since the toy is Peppa Pig board books. Have you seen the show? It’s so cute!  Anyways, in her last kids meal was a flyer about a kids day, so we went to check it out. I knew Elin would love it since it mentioned a petting zoo. So we made plans to attend with her Nanny and cousin Max.

When we got there, we decided to ride the horses first. Elin is very into horses right now since that is the topic in Gymboree class. She was not shy and was so excited to pet the horse and she was very eager to jump on. Even though I tried to get her to hold on, she wouldn’t. Thank goodness Max was there to hold on for the both of them. I see riding lessons in our future…




Next we decided to see the animals in the petting zoo. There were adorable bunnies, piggies, and these white and fluffy chickens called Silkies.  The next area had sheep and goats. The little baby pigs had little outfits on. Elin loved looking at them and really wanted to get in the pin with them. This ultimately started a major tantrum and as a result, we had to leave. But at least we were there about an hour before that happened.





There were also games and face painting. Max chose to get his face painted like a cow. The other very exciting part for Max was getting his picture with the big cow.  


After the event, Elin and Max had a blast playing kitchen together. There was also a big dance party where they danced like crazy for awhile. It was quite entertaining, but sadly no photos since they were just blurs in my photos.




  1. Sweet Elin looks like she has gotten taller! Love that they are sharing housework duties 😉 that horse was beautiful and so jealous y’all got to oogle some piglets! Lils like y’all had tons of fun! What did Elin think about the cow mascot?

  2. Aw, I can’t wait till Ezzy’s old enough to ride a pony! Sounds like a great weekend. And who could blame Elin for wanting in there with the piglets? Sounds adorable 🙂

    The Joni Journey

  3. What a fun day! Love how cute her older cousin is with her!!! She was so brave to ride the horse too! We tried to get Callie to ride a camel at the zoo and she wanted nothing to do with it. Totally wigged out. Ah maybe next time 🙂

  4. Elin and Max are so cute together!! That photo of Max vacuuming is so funny! Love it!!

  5. Oh my gosh, how stinking cute! Elin looks like she grew up over night in these photos (no fair!! Stop growing so fast!) She looks so cute on the horse! Mia had her first ever horse ride on the 4th, with me on the back. She loved the horse, but didn’t love that I rode it with her, ha! Miss Independent!

  6. Hi girl! I know you commented on Julie’s post about the Bloom workshop and I just wanted to let you know that sales for the September workshop are OPEN and we are halfway sold out currently! I know you were interested so I wanted to pass the link along! Hope to see you there!


  7. Peppa Pig is HUGE over here in England! I love Elin’s little horse pictures!