Elin Lately….


Elin has become quite the chatterbox.  She talks and sings and squeals all the time.  She has been speaking in longer sentences and I have been loving being able to communicate more effectively each day.

She has also become more of  fish in water.  She loves swimming and her baths.


Her hair is growing longer each day.  However, not evenly, so pigtails are still not a good option.

She has become more of a mama’s girl.  She still loves her daddy but she loves cuddling and playing with me more.

She has become Fifi’s new favorite lap to sit on.  If she is sitting still and quiet, then Fifi loves to come and sit with her. It’s quite cute.

She has been considering potty training.  She is ready in the sense she now talks about it a lot and and is getting sick of being in a diaper and knows when she is wet but……..sitting on the potty is still scary and therefore there have been no strides yet.

She is getting sweeter and smarter all the time and more amazing everyday.




  1. I love the more they talk! It’s liking actually having a conversation with a person! So much fun! She’s adorable in those sunglasses and her hair is getting sooo long! yay for little girl hair!

  2. She looks so so sweet! I love that swimsuit:) Josephine is such a baby babbling chatterbox lately. I can’t wait for the babble to become more real words.

  3. I love love love being able to communicate more with Lils now too. We have little people, not babies!!! P.s. Love her swimsuit!

  4. That swimsuit is AWESOME! I always thought if I were ever to have a girl that I would hate tiny bikini’s on her. I’ve been gifted two for next summer but love yours and how it’s more modest and adorable!

  5. What a sweet lil lady – and so glamorous too!

  6. So cute! I always thought it must be hard for little girls to grow their hair out evenly. Noah had a mullet but it was easy to fix on a boy ;). Maybe I’ll take this back when Noah won’t stop talking but I can’t wait to be able to have full conversations with him and know what he’s thinking. That’s so cool Elin is talking more!

  7. awe! she’s so sweet!! and i love her suit!!!

  8. Oh, that swimsuit! I love it!

    Isn’t it fun when they start communicating more & more. Their little personalities definitely start to shine.