Christmas in July

Aren’t you already thinking about Christmas?  In my opinion, it’s never too early to think about Christmas.  When Jenny from The Chronicles of We emailed me about a gift exchange she was hosting with Courtney at Sweet Turtle Soup. I knew it would be a great way to meet some other bloggers.  I was paired with Julie at Davis Family and Shelly from Windy City Baby. I loved getting to know a new Julie and discovering her blog and getting to know more about Shelly since I already followed her blog.

Elin was so excited when we received out package from Julie and her daughter Maddy. She kept saying, “present” over and over again.  Let me tell you, I could not open this box fast enough.  She was literally shaking with excitement and the box of goodies did not disappoint.  Elin loved ripping the tissue paper off of each individually wrapped gift.


The very first thing she unwrapped was her first box of markers. These are perfect for kiddos her age because they have a special tip on them that aids in better strokes for little ones and helps from crushing the ends.  These will be great for her to start using on her little art projects.  The next thing she unwrapped was a pretty new pair of navy and white polka dot sunglasses.  She loved them and wore them the whole rest of the day. I think the next item was her absolute favorite which was and adorable trio of pink, orange and yellow bracelets. They are the perfect size for her and she adores them!  They are so cute and the colors are just perfect for summer!  She then opened up some butterfly stickers which are so pretty and she was dying to crack into those but I diverted her attention so we could see the rest of the box.  She then opened up some pretty notepads which are great because I use notepads like that all the time. It was so funny because when she opened them up she immediately handed them to me like she knew that they were for me.  She then also opened up some soft-lips in the cube which we are both loving!!!  I am so glad Soft-lips jumped on board like EOS with the new shape. Elin and I both use it everyday!  Then she opened up some bubbles, a cool glow wand that I am excited for her to try out, and an Under the Sea coloring book.  I love the pages because the pictures are big and perfect for her color and it even has re-positionable stickers.


Julie and Maddy were too good to us and send us the most thoughtful gifts. We loved everything!


Dog Days of Summer


Today I am so excited to be guest posting for Sara from Running From the Law. She is running a fantastic series on her blog about dogs and babies and I am thrilled to be participating. Sara writes a witty and fun blog about everything from her adorable son and family, to photography tips, to her exciting travels.   I am so excited to share my thoughts with her readers on dogs and babies.  I would love for you to check it out here.

Gymbo’s Birthday Party


Gymboree had another fun event last Friday and it was for Gymbo’s birthday party. Elin had been looking forward to the party all week. The teachers told us this was a good way to see how they host birthday parties since Gymboree is a place you can rent out for your child’s birthday.  All the games were birthday related and helped explain what birthdays are and why there are parties for them. Of course there was lots of free play which is great, as well as some organized activities.


Elin was excited to see Gymbo and she especially enjoyed dancing with him. She has come a long way because even though she has always loved Gymboree, she was never too sure about Gymbo the clown.


Elin was super excited for the party hats and cupcakes! She has also come a long way in her sweets aversion. She ate the icing off the cupcake!  She is still cagy about the cake.


I was glad I had thought to bring a bib because she was mess of icing and sprinkles!


Needless to say, she had so much fun that she didn’t really want to leave, but I was able to pull her out of there by promising to bring her back the next day for class.


Elin’s First Horse Ride

Elin loves the kids meals at Chik Fil a, especially right now since the toy is Peppa Pig board books. Have you seen the show? It’s so cute!  Anyways, in her last kids meal was a flyer about a kids day, so we went to check it out. I knew Elin would love it since it mentioned a petting zoo. So we made plans to attend with her Nanny and cousin Max.

When we got there, we decided to ride the horses first. Elin is very into horses right now since that is the topic in Gymboree class. She was not shy and was so excited to pet the horse and she was very eager to jump on. Even though I tried to get her to hold on, she wouldn’t. Thank goodness Max was there to hold on for the both of them. I see riding lessons in our future…




Next we decided to see the animals in the petting zoo. There were adorable bunnies, piggies, and these white and fluffy chickens called Silkies.  The next area had sheep and goats. The little baby pigs had little outfits on. Elin loved looking at them and really wanted to get in the pin with them. This ultimately started a major tantrum and as a result, we had to leave. But at least we were there about an hour before that happened.





There were also games and face painting. Max chose to get his face painted like a cow. The other very exciting part for Max was getting his picture with the big cow.  


After the event, Elin and Max had a blast playing kitchen together. There was also a big dance party where they danced like crazy for awhile. It was quite entertaining, but sadly no photos since they were just blurs in my photos.



Elin Lately….


Elin has become quite the chatterbox.  She talks and sings and squeals all the time.  She has been speaking in longer sentences and I have been loving being able to communicate more effectively each day.

She has also become more of  fish in water.  She loves swimming and her baths.


Her hair is growing longer each day.  However, not evenly, so pigtails are still not a good option.

She has become more of a mama’s girl.  She still loves her daddy but she loves cuddling and playing with me more.

She has become Fifi’s new favorite lap to sit on.  If she is sitting still and quiet, then Fifi loves to come and sit with her. It’s quite cute.

She has been considering potty training.  She is ready in the sense she now talks about it a lot and and is getting sick of being in a diaper and knows when she is wet but……..sitting on the potty is still scary and therefore there have been no strides yet.

She is getting sweeter and smarter all the time and more amazing everyday.



Kara’s Party Ideas Feature

I am so excited that Elin’s second birthday party was featured on Kara’s Party ideas! I would love for you to take a look at their post!

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