Freedom Festival Parade


Elin had a busy and exciting weekend! She had the opportunity to march in our local freedom festival parade with her Gymboree group and she had a fun time. She was in great spirits and had a blast from the minute we got there until we left. We arrived before the parade to find the float and she loved people-watching and dancing to all the loud music. She definitely loves to dance and entertain everyone around her. Our float had some really cool bubble machines on them to continuously blow bubbles and she loved playing with those before the parade started.



I couldn’t get any great photos since I was walking in front of her to lure her to keep walking forward, but I got a few of her walking. Elin clutched a red water balloon throughout the whole parade! They were just meant for the kids to play with before the parade started but true to Elin form she carried it the whole time!ElinParadeShe had a whole cheering section of friends and family but luckily didn’t notice them because I’m pretty sure if she had noticed them she would have ran over to them and we definitely would have fallen behind.

I was so proud of her that she almost walked the entire route and was only picked up at the very end because she was really starting to slow down and I was afraid we were getting too far behind. We had brought her car just in case but we didn’t bring it out at the last minute because I knew she was going to want to walk like a big girl!

We all had a great time and I hope she can participate next year!




  1. Cute!!! I love how she seems to have clung on to the water balloons as if waiting for the right target. Ha!

  2. Such an adorable outfit Miss Elin had on!

  3. She looks so cute in her red white & blue!!

  4. Awww!!! Her outfit is adorable! Look like you guys had fun!

  5. Oh my goodness, seriously?! She is too stinking cute! This looks like so much fun!

  6. She is wayyyy too cute with her sunnies!!!

  7. So much sass in these pictures – she’s too cute!

  8. So cute!!

  9. That’s so awesome she walked almost the whole time! She looks super grown up in that outfit and those shades! Looks like a really fun day!