Five Faves

I take a lot of photos with my phone during the week. A lot of them are blurry and out of focus and just plain bad because I don’t even usually pay attention. I just snap away hoping for some good shots. I’m always really excited to get some decent shots that I want to keep. Here are my favorite five from this week:

I love the smile on Elin’s face and her hair blowing in the wind as she zooms down the sidewalk on her little popper. She was having the best time.


I tried to take a nice picture of Elin sitting on the stairs and at the last minute she lifted up her shirt! I was so shocked. She was saying, “Belly button” over and over. Silly girl! So much for a nice photo!


The next few photos are from her cousin Max’s baseball game. I love the photo of her sitting in her small bag chair watching the game. I don’t think she would sit in it longer than 2 minutes at a time but she did it over and over again between collecting rocks and roaming around checking out the people sitting next to her.


The next two photos are after the game and when Max came out to see everyone and Elin was so excited, she starting jumping for joy! She just loves him to pieces.


The last photo is my absolute favorite–I love that she is clutching his baseball photo and posing with a picture with him at the same time.



  1. I love her at the baseball game!! And she TOTALLY looks up to her cousin. It’s so sweet- they look like they have an awesome relationship!

  2. She’s such a beauty. Love the belly button one! It’s so sweet when they start learning parts of their body and point and tell. It’s funny.

  3. Love that ride down the sidewalk!! Looks so fun!! And mom bellybuttons are way more fun than pictures 🙂

  4. are you kidding me, that last picture is the cutest. and that she was jumping with joy prior to it. so sweet!!!

  5. So cute! You got some really great one! Love that last picture.

  6. That second to last picture is sooo cute!! She looks so excited to see Max 🙂 🙂

  7. Great pics!!!!! She is a cutie!

  8. She’s the cutest little cheerleader!

  9. Oh my heavens… they are the cutest!! LOVE that picture of them (and his picture) together!
    Her little chair is adorable! I’ve got to get Mia one of those!

  10. Cousin love is so sweet. They’ll be best friends for life. And ditto on the blurry camera phone pics. I have to delete six for every good one I get. The more mobile they get, the harder it gets 😉

    The Joni Journey

  11. “nice photo sitting” just can’t seem to happen haha!