Head Stands in Play Shoes

The past couple of weeks, Elin has been really into wearing dress up shoes or even just wearing my flip flops around the house. She has two favorite things she does in dress up shoes: she likes to push around her baby stroller, or she stands on her head. I have no idea why she suddenly became fascinated with standing on her head but she does it all the time and almost always its when she has dress up shoes or my shoes on. She is so silly.




She also loves to run and put on shoes when she hears singing in her shows because for some reason she likes to dance around with her dress up shoes on.


It’s amazing to me how one minute she can be so happy and playing in her shoes and the next she has a total tantrum over something. I know that the two year tantrums are nothing new to anyone and everyone finds them painful to witness, but I try to remember that as painful as they areĀ  I am so grateful to have a healthy two year old who has the ability to go through a tantrum. It shows me that she is developmentally on track and reminds me that sometimes what I take for granted could be someones else’s wish.

Plus, without the tantrums, a little girl’s silliness might not be as appreciated.



  1. Hehe, I think it is so funny how little girls gravitate to dress up stuff, especially the shoes. I have picture of my oldest at the same age as Elin dress up shoes on, scarves and jewels all over. The funny part is I rarely to never wear heels and I don’t wear jewelry much either. It always made me laugh and smile.

  2. Oh I love little girls and dress ups! Arlo has been doing that head stand too – it’s so funny and cute! In Thailand they believe that it’s your child showing they are ready for a sibling! haha!

  3. I love the one of her in the flipflops! So cute! Callie loves to steal our shoes too and it cracks me up. Especially when she tries to walk around in her daddy’s size 15s! haha!

  4. dress up is my favorite!! and those heels!! SO CUTE!! lex puts her on and requests to go out to dinner (SO RANDOM!).

  5. You are spot on with your positive outlook on tantrums. Quite honestly, at this point the tantrums are just hilariously annoying. Also, Lily is really into doing headstands lately too. I was think it was from gymnastics but perhaps it is a total developmental thing?

  6. hahah! Aria does the headstands to, I call them her yoga moves. A little downward facing dog! Super cute that she does them in heels though, she’s classy mama =) Yeah, tantrums…not fun, but what a good outlook on them!

  7. My goodness she is a cutie pie! Love the first pic SO much!

  8. Seriously SOOOO cute in those big flip flops and pushing her baby in a stroller!! Love it!

  9. Glad she likes her shoes!