24 Months


The Stats:
Weight: 26.5 lbs
Height: 35. 375inches
Clothes:  2T
Diapers: Size 4
Shoes: 6-6.5
Teeth: 18
Head Size: 19 inches


This is a tad over due but better late than never.

We have made it to the terrific twos! Elin has really grown this month physically and mentally. She looks like she grows a little taller each day! It’s really quite unbelievable. She went  from the 60th percentile in height at her 18 month check up to the 80th for her 24 month check up.

New Words and Phrases

“Popo” what she calls her Papa
Birthday Party
“Streeb” strawberry
“GuacGuas” glasses
“Ephant” elephant
Minnie Mouse
Mow Grass
Ride Tractor


Elin is constantly talking and singing and she loves to screech at ear-splitting decibels. She is usually happy, but when she is not…she is not. She has officially started throwing fits which has not been awesome but they are manageable at this point.

Elin’s big first this month was sleeping in a regular bed. She still sleeps in a crib at home, but during the week when she naps at her Nanny’s house, she sleeps in a regular twin bed. She does great and sleeps well in there. This month she has started taking longer naps in her crib during the day as well, which has been nice.


This month she has also learned how to crawl in her highchair and get seated herself when we tell her it’s time to eat. She doesn’t get into a booster because we have this chair that converts different ways so she can stay in the chair as she grows.

Her favorite thing ever still is to be outside. Whether is talking a walk or playing in the yard, she just loves being outdoors. She is obsessed with wearing sunglasses outside. She is quickly accumulating quite the sunnies collection.



  1. I love how she likes wearing sunglasses – and she looks so stylish in them!

  2. Wow she’s 2! It’s amazing how quickly they go from looking like a baby to a real kid!

  3. Oh she’s getting so tall!! How fun that she can get into her chair herself. I love when they can do things like that without help. It gives me mom warm fuzzies to see them figure things out! I LOVE her little holiday dress – so cute! We have that cute little “two” shirt too! 🙂

  4. Love her festive red outfit and sunnies picture!!! Super cute!!! Oh boy the tantrums. How are ya’ll dealing with them over there? It’s getting a bit cra-zy over here. Yay for longer naps!!!!