Freedom Festival Parade


Elin had a busy and exciting weekend! She had the opportunity to march in our local freedom festival parade with her Gymboree group and she had a fun time. She was in great spirits and had a blast from the minute we got there until we left. We arrived before the parade to find the float and she loved people-watching and dancing to all the loud music. She definitely loves to dance and entertain everyone around her. Our float had some really cool bubble machines on them to continuously blow bubbles and she loved playing with those before the parade started.



I couldn’t get any great photos since I was walking in front of her to lure her to keep walking forward, but I got a few of her walking. Elin clutched a red water balloon throughout the whole parade! They were just meant for the kids to play with before the parade started but true to Elin form she carried it the whole time!ElinParadeShe had a whole cheering section of friends and family but luckily didn’t notice them because I’m pretty sure if she had noticed them she would have ran over to them and we definitely would have fallen behind.

I was so proud of her that she almost walked the entire route and was only picked up at the very end because she was really starting to slow down and I was afraid we were getting too far behind. We had brought her car just in case but we didn’t bring it out at the last minute because I knew she was going to want to walk like a big girl!

We all had a great time and I hope she can participate next year!



Elin at the Pool


On Sunday, Elin went to Nanny and Papa’s pool for the first time this summer. She hasn’t been in a pool since last summer, so I wasn’t sure if she would remember that she loved it last year. I didn’t need to worry because she certainly didn’t forget. She practically jumped in when she first got there.



She loved floating around on her little boat the best.


She didn’t go under water because she wanted to keep her sunglasses on the entire time.  She is a diva about her sunglasses!



She would have stayed there all day but we had to cut the pool fun short due to getting to another event later that evening. But, I think it’s safe to say she remembers her love of the pool from last year and she is ready to be a little fish and swim lots this summer.





Jungle Party

Elin, like a lot of childen, loves animals so at the last minute I decided to take her to a jungle-themed party at our local Gymboree class. She was in rare form and was extremely excited to be at Gymboree for a special event. My iPhone pictures are less than stellar, but I want to document this experience because of how much fun she had.

When we got to the party, the kids had time to run around and play for a little bit before it was time to sit in a circle to see the animals. Elin normally would have been running around like crazy but she immediately knew something was up when she saw the Rubbermaid containers with holes poked in them and she danced around the containers asking me to open them. After some coaxing, I got her to sit a second in the circle but she popped up and remained standing for the rest of the circle time. She was so excited that she ran up next to the animal presenter and basically was his shadow for the evening. It was hard to get her to leave his side. He was obviously the coolest person in the room with all this boxes of animals.

The animal viewing started off tame with a turtle.


Then a really cute bunny. He was by far the cutest animal there and I wouldn’t have minded taking him home.


Next there was a Hedgehog.  His spikes were pretty cool and were not as prickly as expected. He hid his face because we were told he didn’t like getting held or petted, which is a shame since that is what the poor guy gets to do with this life.


Then there was an iguana. For some reason, this one made Elin giggle every time she petted him. I think she wasn’t expecting the texture of his skin and for some reason that made her laugh.


Then we meet a alligator named jaws. Elin liked checking out his eyes.


Then the big boa constrictor was brought out. I have to say I was not expecting to see an animal like this at a children’s event. A few people left the area because they were freaked out and some people were so amazed they took pictures of themselves holding him up around their necks. Think Britney Spears VMA performance circa 2001. Elin was not scared at all and petted him but she wasn’t as enthralled with him as the other animals.  She was also getting antsy though. I would have liked to hold him and check him out more, however I think holding him around my face and neck was a little out of my comfort zone.



She was dancing and hissing in this picture.


Then we petted a arctic fox but sadly I didn’t get any good photos. He was soft and seemed just like a dog.

Then we completed the evening with a painting craft.


Elin had such a great time and I’m so glad she is an animal lover like me.


Summer Gift Exchange

I was super excited when Emma from Harper and Will reached out to me about co-hosting a summer gift exchange. Neither one of us had done this before but we thought it sounded like the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of summer. I had such a great time collecting up some fun summer surprises for Taylor and her daughter Harper from A Princess Made Mommy. Check out what I got them here. I truly hope they enjoyed receiving their package.


Elin and I were so excited when our package arrived all the way from California from Erin and Lex from Hello Erin. I have been following Erin’s blog for quite some time and I love reading about what all they are up to. Erin and Lex completely spoiled us with some of the coolest gifts!!! To say there were squeals and confetti flying as we were unwrapping would be an understatement….and they weren’t all from Elin!

Elin was so excited to rip in the package that I couldn’t get her to look up for any photos.


The first thing Elin noticed was the ice princess wands. These things are so cool!  They are sparkly straws that that are in a special tray where you can make ice wands for your drink and additional star ice cubes! We are both so excited to try this out! Elin is loving stars right now so this is perfect! The next thing Elin grabbed was cool silicone molds for making push pops! How awesome is that? I am already dreaming of all the concoctions to make! As evidenced by the photo, Elin immediately starting ripping into the package!


Next Elin grabbed an adorable beaded necklace with sea creature beads. She loves it and definitely staked her claim on it by not allowing me to touch it.



I am obsessed with the insulated mason jar tumbler. I love my water to be ice cold, therefore I usually only use insulated cups at home and work and I am so excited by this one with the handle and and a thick straw which should be perfect for smoothies!!!

Also, check out the gorgeous hair ties!  Aren’t they the most gorgeous colors?!?!? They are so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear them.


Seriously, I can’t thank Erin and Lex enough for our lovely gifts! It was so thoughtful and exciting and will definitely brighten our summer! Also, a huge thank you to Emma for thinking of this brilliant idea and allowing me to co-host and to everyone who participated.




Fun Features

This week has been busy with exiting happenings.  I was excited to see Elin’s birthday party featured on Jo Studio’s facebook page.  Jo Studio did all the party printables for Elin’s birthday and we could not have been happier. I would love for you to check out her facebook page!

PicMonkey Collage

Then I was also happily surprised with the news that Kara’s Party Ideas plans on featuring Elin’s birthday party pictures and details.  I will be sure to post a link when it’s posted in a few weeks.

125x125 KarasPartyIdeas Button

I feel incredibly honored to be featured on both of these fabulous sites!

Strawberry Fesitval and Walks

Busy work weeks lately have made fun weekends oh so precious. Weekends are great, but they fly by and there is never enough time to get in everything I want to do. However, this past weekend we were able to put away to the “to-do” list and just relax and enjoy the early summer.

On Saturday, we attended a local strawberry festival. Elin loved running around checking out all the happenings. She got to see firetrucks and ambulances up close for the first time and even get in them and roam around. The highlight was getting her very own fireman’s hat that she wore the entire time we were there. It was super cute but lightweight and a little too big for her so the wind kept blowing it off her head and we had to constantly chase it down.

PicMonkey Collage

She also was enthralled with the miniature planes they had on show and were flying. Her favorite was this huge one. I think she was plotting ways to get close enough to check out the doll they had in there.

No trip to a strawberry festival would be complete without trying the strawberry shortcake! She was not a fan. She took one bite of the strawberries and cake and decided she had enough and that she would walk around and dance while the others around her were entertained by her. She can be quite the ham.

Later that evening she went to out to eat with me, her Nanny, and a family friend.

Sunday she woke up all smiles and couldn’t get enough of playing peek-a-boo with her blankets and a plethora of stuffed animals.


The highlight of my Sunday was taking an extra long walk with Elin and the dogs. It’s amazing to me that just a few years ago the chihuahuas would run out in front of us practically pulling us along because they had so much energy. Sadly, they are pretty slow and can’t keep up as much so they took turns and sometimes simultaneously rode in Elin’s car with her. She loved having the company and petting them. I think they looked so cute all sitting in the car together.




Five Faves

I take a lot of photos with my phone during the week. A lot of them are blurry and out of focus and just plain bad because I don’t even usually pay attention. I just snap away hoping for some good shots. I’m always really excited to get some decent shots that I want to keep. Here are my favorite five from this week:

I love the smile on Elin’s face and her hair blowing in the wind as she zooms down the sidewalk on her little popper. She was having the best time.


I tried to take a nice picture of Elin sitting on the stairs and at the last minute she lifted up her shirt! I was so shocked. She was saying, “Belly button” over and over. Silly girl! So much for a nice photo!


The next few photos are from her cousin Max’s baseball game. I love the photo of her sitting in her small bag chair watching the game. I don’t think she would sit in it longer than 2 minutes at a time but she did it over and over again between collecting rocks and roaming around checking out the people sitting next to her.


The next two photos are after the game and when Max came out to see everyone and Elin was so excited, she starting jumping for joy! She just loves him to pieces.


The last photo is my absolute favorite–I love that she is clutching his baseball photo and posing with a picture with him at the same time.


Head Stands in Play Shoes

The past couple of weeks, Elin has been really into wearing dress up shoes or even just wearing my flip flops around the house. She has two favorite things she does in dress up shoes: she likes to push around her baby stroller, or she stands on her head. I have no idea why she suddenly became fascinated with standing on her head but she does it all the time and almost always its when she has dress up shoes or my shoes on. She is so silly.




She also loves to run and put on shoes when she hears singing in her shows because for some reason she likes to dance around with her dress up shoes on.


It’s amazing to me how one minute she can be so happy and playing in her shoes and the next she has a total tantrum over something. I know that the two year tantrums are nothing new to anyone and everyone finds them painful to witness, but I try to remember that as painful as they are  I am so grateful to have a healthy two year old who has the ability to go through a tantrum. It shows me that she is developmentally on track and reminds me that sometimes what I take for granted could be someones else’s wish.

Plus, without the tantrums, a little girl’s silliness might not be as appreciated.


24 Months


The Stats:
Weight: 26.5 lbs
Height: 35. 375inches
Clothes:  2T
Diapers: Size 4
Shoes: 6-6.5
Teeth: 18
Head Size: 19 inches


This is a tad over due but better late than never.

We have made it to the terrific twos! Elin has really grown this month physically and mentally. She looks like she grows a little taller each day! It’s really quite unbelievable. She went  from the 60th percentile in height at her 18 month check up to the 80th for her 24 month check up.

New Words and Phrases

“Popo” what she calls her Papa
Birthday Party
“Streeb” strawberry
“GuacGuas” glasses
“Ephant” elephant
Minnie Mouse
Mow Grass
Ride Tractor


Elin is constantly talking and singing and she loves to screech at ear-splitting decibels. She is usually happy, but when she is not…she is not. She has officially started throwing fits which has not been awesome but they are manageable at this point.

Elin’s big first this month was sleeping in a regular bed. She still sleeps in a crib at home, but during the week when she naps at her Nanny’s house, she sleeps in a regular twin bed. She does great and sleeps well in there. This month she has started taking longer naps in her crib during the day as well, which has been nice.


This month she has also learned how to crawl in her highchair and get seated herself when we tell her it’s time to eat. She doesn’t get into a booster because we have this chair that converts different ways so she can stay in the chair as she grows.

Her favorite thing ever still is to be outside. Whether is talking a walk or playing in the yard, she just loves being outdoors. She is obsessed with wearing sunglasses outside. She is quickly accumulating quite the sunnies collection.