A Party and Photo Shoot

Elin had a great weekend of fun.  On Saturday she had a blast playing at Gymboree with all her little friends and then later in the afternoon she attended a birthday party for her best gal pal, Kelsey.  She enjoyed playing kitchen and dolls with the birthday girl and checking out all the Minnie Mouse decor. She loved her Minnie themed favor bag.



On Sunday we had a photo shoot that was re-scheduled from an earlier date.  I had her outfit picked out for months–it never even crossed my mind to try it on.  It was in a 2T and looked like it would fit.  I was so disappointed when the whole outfit was huge on her, especially the shorts! She walked around for less than a minute and the shorts fell down to her ankles!  We were running close on time and I quickly grabbed another outfit and it worked out fine but it was still disappointing. I guess I can arrange another shoot when she grows into the outfit!  I tend to buy bigger always thinking that it’s better for her to grown into it and then it always looks too big on her when I want her to wear it. This photo sequence that shows her pants falling down cracks me up.  It wasn’t funny at the time…..


After the photo shoot she enjoyed getting out some of her older toys and rediscovering her phone.  She takes her calls sitting on the couch in the sunroom or from this table.  This look she is giving me is telling me I an interrupting her important phone call.





  1. I love watching little ones play together. So cute. That’s such a bummer about the outfit. It looked super cute. I’m sure Elin looked adorable in the back up outfit too. Can’t wait to see the proofs!

  2. ha! SO CUTE!!! i love this!!! i always tend to buy lex way smaller clothes for photo shoots so they fit right! we have the pants falling down issue constantly. and its always hilarious!! and shame on you for interrupting important phone calls with princesses and besties 🙂

  3. What a great weekend! Gosh I wish we had the pants fall down problem – Callie’s got herself a little ghetto booty already! lol! I like to buy bigger to so they last longer and I’m quick to put away clothes the 2nd they look “small” — I get it! I hope the photos turned out cute — ours got rescheduled!

  4. I’ve done the same thing! Not trying on an outfit and then it being too big (or too little). Oops! They grow so fast though! I’m sure she’ll fit into it by the end of the month. You might just have to stage your own photo shoot to get some cute pictures of her in it. 🙂

  5. Isn’t it crazy how old toys can be such a hit? I pack away some of Cash’s toys at a time & then switch them out at a later date & it’s like new toys all over again! 🙂

  6. That is a shame about the shorts. I have skinny minis so we’ve had that problem over the years too. I always focus on the clothes for the shoot and really it is not the clothes we even notice:)

  7. I think it is absolutely adorable when little kids are friends with little kids!! Way too cute! Elin and Kelsey look like my best friend and me in the kitchen 🙂 🙂

  8. So cute!! Look at our girls playing with the kitchen. ☺️ We drove by the park
    today and Kelsey said “park, swing, Elin?”