Week Highlights


1Another week has flown by and we are officially 2 weeks away from Elin’s birthday! This week Elin got to go a science museum for kids and Kindermusic with her Nana while I was at work. I heard positive reports that she did well. Then I took off work a day to spend with her and we went to pick out her birthday cake! Elin had fun looking at all the pretty goodies.  She even took a sample cupcake which is HUGE because she refuses to eat cake.  She seemed to like the icing part!


2Elin had her first experience with playdoh!  She seemed to love it.  We had fun making letters, numbers, and snowmen! Specifically Olaf because he is the cutest snowman ever!




Tea parties are still all the rage with Elin.  She has a couple different sets and we are getting her more for her birthday.  She is teapot obsessed.



She has been getting into dolls more and playing like her stuffed animals are babies.  Her favorite thing to do is have them kiss and then giggle like crazy.



I was looking back at old photos and found this picture from almost exactly a year ago!  I cannot believe how much she has changed in a year.  This photo is just hilarious to me because she has the biggest grin.


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  1. Play dough is so much fun! I love her with her tea set so sweet! Yay for birthday planning!!

  2. She is so cute serving her tea!!! Lily is super into babydolls right now too. It makes my heart smile so so so much! Those treats look pretty tasty for her birthday! She was suuuuch a cute baby! Hope y’all have a beautiful weekend!

  3. You’ll need to tell me where you found that little infinity scarf! It’s DARLING and I’m going to want one next year for baby girl!!

  4. tea parties, cupcakes, and kissing animals?! i LOVE IT!!! so so so sweet and cute!!

  5. There’s so much fun and girly stuff going on in this post! Boys are so different, it’s completely new territory for me learning to play cars and sports. Sounds like you guys had a great week 🙂 We are planning on picking out Ezzy’s bday cake this weekend too – so exciting!

    The Joni Journey

  6. Her tea set is too cute!! I love reminiscing through Evan’s baby pictures. Extremely bittersweet. She’s turned into such a beautiful little lady!

  7. Cash really likes playdoh, too! So do I!

  8. Oh, she’s adorable! That scarf is awesome! My Caroline is obsessed with tea pots too. She’s always trying to run off with mine. Ha!

  9. Oh my gosh!! I love that tea Set!! Where is it from?!