Nana and Papa

Something that I am very thankful for is for having the luxury of having Elin watched during the day by my mother while I am at work. Elin loves spending time with her and playing at her house. They have routines where they go to gymboree classes, the park, and story times at the library. They also go on special outings to the zoo and children’s museum.


This week, Elin and my mom got to go to the zoo with my sister and nephews. I’m so glad she also gets to spend time with them when they are out of school.



Elin also loves when her Papa comes home from work. Even though he has worked all day, he always drops everything and plays with her until I get off work and to their house to pick her up.



I am so happy and blessed to have both of the parents so close in my life and that Elin gets to spend lots of quality time with them as well.



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