Elin’s Spring Favorites



Easter Bunnies Book, Gymboree Bubbles, Pottery Barn Bunnies, Activity Mat, Gap Eyelet Top, Annie’s Bunny Mix


Elin gets on kicks of things whether it’s saying certain words, playing with the same toys, or wanting to eat the same things. Here is a compilation of some things that she is currently enjoying:

She loves books of all kinds, but right now she loves this Easter Babies book because it combines her love of counting and farm animals. This is a really cute book about animals and spring.

Bubbles are another favorite. Gymboree bubbles are by far the best. Those bubbles float longer and seem to last longer before popping.

Elin always loves stuffed animals and she has been loving her gray bunny she got for her birthday last year. She loves saying “bunny” and “easter bunny”. This bunny has the softest ears!

Emily from Dear Owen graciously gifted us with this lovely activity mat and Elin loves counting all the eggs and pointing out the chicks.

This blue flutter sleeve shirt from Gap is so great because it’s light-weight and flowy. I like how we can pair it with different jackets to get lots of use out of it.

Elin loves to try some new snacks and this little bunny mix is her new favorite. It has cheddar crackers and pretzels in the shape of her new favorite animal and word, “bunny”. This word is said no less than 100 times as she eats this snack.



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  1. That bunny is adorable!

  2. We love bubbles over here too! I need to invest in an automatic blower! Mom doesn’t have enough hot air for all those bubble blowing shenanigans!

  3. we looooove that blue shirt round these parts! i totally want one for me too! and the gymboree bubbles are totally awesome!!!

  4. What an adorable little dress! My son loves cheddar bunnies so much. He’s probably addicted! I also want to say I love your spelling of your daughter’s name. It’s so cute.

  5. Those Pottery Barn bunnies look so soft and cuddly!!! Love them!

  6. I love that top and the bunny! I put bubbles and cheddar bunnies in Mac’s basket this year too. Might have to add that PBK bunny as well. So cute!

  7. I love that little placemat! And those bunnies — Kiernan has the matching bunny mat and it’s one of the softest things we own!

  8. I totally need to get Callie those bunny snacks! She loves all things bunny (she has one as her lovey that goes everywhere) and I think she’d get a kick out of these! That activity mat looks awesome — I need to go check out her shop!

  9. That Gap top is toooo cute!

  10. I have got to jump on the bunnies snack bandwagon!

  11. Those Pottery Barn bunnies are so precious and cuddly! I am a big fan of Annie’s snack mix – yum! Visiting from the linkup as well – thanks for checking out my blog today!